What is Yamaha going to announce on 30th June?

What is Yamaha going to announce on 30th June?

Snapshot: Yamaha has sent an invite to us to attend a press conference on 30th June, but has not divulged the motive behind it

Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. sent us an invite yesterday to be a part of a press conference to be held in New Delhi on 30th of June. The invite also says that Yamaha is holding the press conference to "unfold an exciting new chapter in its journey in India."

We can just speculate what's coming our way on Monday as Yamaha has been in news from some time and for different varied reasons. First reason is the facelifted Yamaha FZ that Yamaha showcased for the first time in Auto Expo this year. The facelifted FZ that was showcased had a blue colour, a well crafted tank, new tail lamp, new exhaust and an better looking mudguard. A little bigger engine is also expected from the new FZ with a slightly more power. There is also a speculation of it being fuel-injected.

Yamaha had been in news from sometime because of its inclination towards a more fuel-efficient technology and the R25 that was recently launched in Indonesia. Well, like everyone else we can also assume and speculate, but what is going to happen in real will be told to the world on Monday.

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on 2014-06-27 02:28:00

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