What version of TVS Apache RTR2004V will India get?

What version of TVS Apache RTR2004V will India get?

Snapshot: There is more to understand from the sighting of multiple prototypes testing for TVS!

January 20th, look so far far away! Especially when, even after knowing considerably lot about the upcoming TVS Apache RTR 2004V launch, there are still a lot to understand and it all originates from the fact that TVS has been testing a number of prototypes of their biggest motorcycle yet and all these though essentially same but still have enough differences that make us wonder what TVS is actually planning?

It is a well known fact that TVS was testing two prototypes as shown by the Indonesian spy shots last month, both these test prototypes had different handle bar designs. One of the test bike had a conventional flatter handle bar arrangement while the other had a more upmarket clip-on assembly on it. Furthermore, these two prototypes also had different set of tyres on test, namely Pirelli and TVS tyres.

This could mean a few things, either TVS is going to launch two variants of the Apache RTR 2004V with different set of handle bar design and with different tyres and with ABS and non-ABS trim or these two variants are for different markets, the flat handlebar and TVS tyre version being for Indian market while the other higher spec version for export market. However, we reckon if TVS choose to skip the higher spec version for India, it will be both sad and unfortunate for the Apache fan following in the country.

Saying that, we feel it is highly unlikely that TVS will have so much difference in the two variants that are destined to be sold in India and abroad, it might have economical advantages but could mean Indian riders knowing well and thorough that they are getting a lower spec than the international market, something we as riders can feel has chances to backfire.

Or there could be another thing that we all might have largely missed, there might be two different cc capacity Apache's coming to us at the launch or TVS might be testing a smaller version alongside the bigger meaner higher spec Apache RTR 2004V and is slated for a later day launch. It is an interesting bit of thinking, however, there have been almost zero rumours/information surrounding a smaller all new Apache testing alongside the 200cc one. But, the evidence might just prove it come Jan. 20th, 2016.

As of now, expect the Hosur based manufacturer to launch only one Apache series bike on Jan. 20th, 2016 and it would be the TVS Apache RTR 2004V that is said to have a 200cc heart which is an air-oil cooled unit with SOHC and a power output of 26Ps and a peak torque rating of 22Nm, combined to a chassis that holds the bike in its double cradle Synchro Stiff design and a comparitively light, 140Kg dry weight.

Expect the bike to arrive at a price tag of around INR 1-1.10 lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi!

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