'Why We Ride' Documentary creators are 2014 AMA Motorcyclists Of The Year!!

'Why We Ride' Documentary creators are 2014 AMA Motorcyclists Of The Year!!

Snapshot: If you are a biker then you must have seen the 'Why We Ride' documentary and you will be glad to know that creators of the same are AMA Motorcyclists of the year 2014.

'Why We Ride' was a great documentary, it touched our hearts and it was a master class of film making. It was An inspiring celebration of the motorcycling community, this documentary film shares the passion of motorcycle riding and shows the camaraderie of the friends and families who ride together. As told by the many racers, riders, pioneers, and parents in the sport, the story weaves its way through generations of motorcyclists who live each day to the fullest on their two-wheeled machines. The refreshing message about the joys of motorcycling, coupled with state of the art photography, capture the imagination and set the soul in motion.

Now to as a fitting honour to such a beautiful made documentary,  Movie documentarians Bryan Carroll and James Walker have been selected as co-recipients for the American Motorcycle Association’s 2014 Motorcyclists of the Year award. Carroll and Walker directed and produced “Why We Ride,” a documentary that promotes modern motorcycling across every discipline.

Producer/director Carroll and producer Walker created a film that is one of motorcycling’s great testimonials – a feature-length documentary about why we “dream, discover and explore” on two wheels. Their effort came at an opportune time for motorcycling, reminding riders about their passion and promoting riding to others when motorcycle sales were at some of their lowest levels in decades. “Bryan Carroll and James Walker have produced what is arguably the most compelling demonstration for why we ride, short of physically experiencing riding itself,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “Their mission was to promote motorcycling to riders and non-riders alike. A year after its debut, their film has become one of the best advertisements for motorcycling available anywhere.”

The AMA Motorcyclist of the Year Award recognizes the person or persons who had the most profound impact within the motorcycling community in the previous 12 months. The AMA Board of Directors bestows the award annually.

Watch the Trailer for the Documentary below - 

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