Will Honda Six50 Concept from EICMA 2015 exist in future for India?

Will Honda Six50 Concept from EICMA 2015 exist in future for India?

Snapshot: oh this is interesting, this speculation part we get to do is soo much fun. We hope we are right though....

Speculations are something that interests us, but there is this fine line we have to consider between trying to correlate the facts and downright daydreaming. Saying that, the Honda Six50 Concept, that was showcased at EICMA 2015 is fine thing indeed, looks pretty, has this coolness (though a tad bit too flashy) factor to it, and is based on the CB650F, which is an interest point of origin for anything that has a potential to call out for the inner happy-go-lucky (yeah you read that right, there was a hipster reference in there somewhere) rider in us.

Now coming back to the Honda Six50 concept, which (should Honda decides to do all that and more) would see its potential production form to be manufactured at the Thailand plant, meaning, that the production version can easily be brought to India in knocked down pieces and getting assembled here. And, well it might just become the scrambler model Honda needs in its portfolio to be a part of new culture where every manufacturer should have a Scrambler in its range of products, and we should be thankful to Ducati from bringing the good old times back with some nifty new age components.

The design, we reckon seems fit for the world of scrambler scramblers everywhere again, however, the Honda Six50 does seem to hover into the flashy side of it more. Though, being based on the CB650F, it would mean that he bike will have the super smooth inline 4 unit that produces 86bhp@11000rpm and a peak torque of 63Nm@8000rpm. Figures like that and add to it a chance that Honda might just make it a way lighter affair than the CB650F and we might just have one spirited scrambler model for us to play with all day long.

All the tell tale scrambler design ideas are present, in well, rather flashy avatars with a decent amount of bright red and silver-ish paint with what looks like a LEGO sort of graphics. The bike also gets funky looking knobbies that should work well for some decent soft road flat track racing like rides.

 Saying that, we really really loved the headlight assembly, the squarish multifocal  design, is a welcome change from the round and upswept designs which have been overused by all. We believe that the headlight assembly from the Honda Six50 concept will go into production and will be a new design trend expanded to new design throughout the industry.

However, this bike going into production and then coming to India as CKD and then being priced in a bracket that could make sense (which CB650F just doesn't, even being a fabulous product in itself), are all speculation as of now, but these are speculations that we expect to see coming true.

Here's hoping Honda get itself a nifty contemporary looking scrambler and in the process we get to enjoy some crude motorcycling with the famous Honda reliability. Best of both worlds we say...

Stay with us as we bring you more updates about the Six50 and from the rest of the motorcycling world......

We told you 'Ducati Scrambler is the Most Important Motorcycle since turn of Millenium", and we might have a point!

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