Will Marquez score 9/9 this season in Germany?

Will Marquez score 9/9 this season in Germany?

Snapshot: After winning at Sachsenring from last 4 years consecutively, Marquez looks confident of winning his 9th race this season

He has been breaking records this season. And if things keep going in the same fashion, a few hundred more records are coming his way very very soon. Rossi, Doohan, Agostini and many more have already been left behind by this 21 year old Spaniard and only the time will come if someone is ever going to be close to him in the decades to come.

This track is one of the tracks the Honda racer is very well versed with. He has won here on all the four occasions in the last 4 years. He won here in 2010 participating in the 125cc category, 2011 and 1012 in 250cc and the premier class in 2013. So, if history is to be considered, there is no stopping him this time too seeing his performance and run this season. Marquez has won all the 8 races held so far this year.

Just in his second season in the premier class, Marquez has become the 13th most successful racer of all-time across every category. If he wins at Sachsenring this Sunday, he will be celebrating his 25th MotoGP podium finish. He already has joined an elite group by winning eight races this season. The only other riders to win eight or more races in a season are Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini, Mick Doohan, Casey Stoner, and George Lorenzo. This is the first race after Rossi renewed his contract with Yamaha till the end of 2016. This also makes him a threat to reckon with this weekend as he needs not to prove himself in front of his teammates. If Rossi finishes on the podium, he will become the only rider in the history to score 4,000 career points.

But to be honest, the chances are more in favour of Marquez this Sunday, but it still does not mean that anyone is going to take anything lightly. Whatever it is, we expect this to be a fun-filled Sunday and we are sure that it will be. 

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