Will the Honda Street Legal RCV213V-S be priced at 20 Million Yen?

Will the Honda Street Legal RCV213V-S be priced at 20 Million Yen?

Snapshot: So Honda wants to Sell a bike worth more than 1 Crore Excluding Duties?

Ok before we talk any further, let us just count a few numbers, shall we? 20 million Yen roughly translate to USD 1,70,000. That is a lot of Zero's after a 1 and a 7 considering one dollar generally hovers around INR 60. Saying that, what would you feel if Honda comes out with a ultra rare, super spec, MotoGP replica for  street, which will have a V4 Honda Engine after a decade long wait, will cost you a amount of money more than 10000000 INR, Yup that is 7 zeroes after a 1. If you understand the gravity of the situation, we would like to add that this price would, for all practical purposes be, excluding duties. That is just a staggeringly large amount of money. For the ease of understanding you can buy a Porsche Cayman along with a Ducati Panigale 1199 with such money.

Now, According to a report by The Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s second largest daily newspaper, Honda has green-lit the RC213V-S Project, with a price tag of 20 million yen — roughly $170,000 USD. The Honda RC213V-S was first shown at the 2014 EICMA, and was as advertised: a MotoGP race bike with lights and mirrors added to it. Honda teased show-goers and the media by declaring that the RC213V-S model was only a prototype, adding more fuel to the speculation regarding whether the Japanese firm would actually produce the long-awaited model or not.

Since its inception, prices have been rumoured and banded about, almost all of which were in the six-figure category. We doubt that such an expensive motorcycle will have difficulty selling however, given how the machine’s pedigree has been well established by the feats of Marc Marquez, Casey Stoner, and Dani Pedrosa. Honda isn’t the first OEM to release a MotoGP replica to the general public, though they are perhaps the first to do it so bluntly in modern-day.

No matter what you think of the Honda RC213V-S prototype, the production version is sure to be the most ultimate street bike ever produced. 


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