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Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

Snapshot: With Winters setting-in and mercury decreasing with each passing day, we bring tips on how to save your vehicle from the raging climate

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With the mercury dropping with each passing day, the country is bracing up for another spell of harsh winters. The winters, which brings the temperature to an alarming level can affect many things, one of which includes our lovable automobiles. Before winters take control of the situation, we try to bring some steps which will help in minimizing the consequence of the weather.

  • Engine Oil

Engine oil is one of the most important part of the engine and in winter weathers, engine oils play a major role in any car. Engine oils should be carefully chosen as per recommended by the manufacturer. The grade of an engine oil defines a lot about the oil and it becomes very important in winters to follow the correct grade.

Any engine oil is more viscous in lower temperature, if the engine oil is not hot enough, it would not flow properly and might damage the engine. Engine oils are graded by XwY (20w50 etc), lower the number of X, higher the flow of the oil in lower temperatures. This ensures smooth flow of the oil and prevents the engine from getting damaged.

  • Tyres

Tyres are most integral part of any automobile as they are the only contact patch between the vehicle and the road. Tyres are made-up of rubber compound and they tend to get hard during cold weather. Maintaining proper tyre pressure and choosing the right tyre pressure is utterly important to get right kind of grip and traction from the road.

Low-cost tyres can lose grip during low temperatures. As few very places in India get snowfall, the need of snow tyres are not required but maintaining proper pressure in the vehicle is something that should not be missed at all.

  • Air Vents

The air vents near the front windshield keeps the front windshield defogged, which is a very common problem during winter weather. The air vents should be properly checked and cleaned if necessary to make sure that the air is flowing evenly and properly to the windshield. Car should be taken to a service center and all the vents should be cleaned properly if any blockage is detected.

  • Wipers

Wipers are most used car part during winters, check if the wipers are working properly as the fog and mist can be hazardous to drive during winters. The proper and continuous working of wipers will keep the visibility high. Specially built wipers can be found in the market which are designed to stand the heat from the continuous friction of the wiper blade and the windscreen. The rear wiper should be given equal importance.

The moist windscreen attracts a lot of dirt, always make sure that there is enough cleaning fluid in the tank and refill it whenever required.

  • Fog Lamps

Most of the North India areas suffers from thick fog during winters. The fog can bring down the visibility substantially and can make driving a nightmare, unless you have special Infrared Goggles from Navy Seals aiding you.

All top-end variants come equipped with fog lamps. For the variants which do not come factory fitted with the fog lamps, well, good quality fog lamps can be acquired and fitted in any car and they do serve the purpose very well.

  • Batteries

The chemical reactions which stores the electricity in the batteries tend to slow down due to the cold weather. The batteries work twice as much in the winters to hold charge. Batteries should be thoroughly checked by professionals so that the car does not stops in the middle of the road due to kaput battery.

The terminals of the battery and the joints should also be checked to avoid any sparks or loose connections.

  • Car Body

Winter weather tends to carry more moisture in air. The paint of a car should be inspected and water-repelling waxes and coats should be applied regularly to make sure that the body remains rust-free for a longer time.

  • Rubber Seals

The rubber seals of the windows can sometimes become weak and cold air can escape inside the vehicle. The rubber seals get damaged due to hot weather and becomes very brittle in the cold weather. The seals should be checked and replaced if they are damaged.

Winters can prove to be very harsh sometimes. It is very important to save yourself and your loved vehicle from the extreme climate. These few points mentioned above can make things really better and more comfortable for the people who spend most of the time on road. Have a happy and warm winters!

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