World Superbikes - Thailand Round gets Green Light for 2015!

World Superbikes - Thailand Round gets Green Light for 2015!

Snapshot: WSBK enters Thailand in 2015!

The tough economical weather of the traditional Motorcycle Markets and the ever so dwindling spectators numbers throughout the European race circuits have been an important point of discussion behind the closed doors of race regulatory authorities and the participating manufacturers as well as for the companies that are either planning to re-entering racing or start racing soon. 

Asian market, on the other hand is rising above, for the first time than the traditional grounds of race play. With every motorsports event and championship eyeing at the chunk of the huge pie of business and fan following Asia can provide for future sustainability. 

World Superbikes have taken an initiative to further enter the Asian contingent by announcing a three-year deal with the Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand to stage a round of WSBK at the track. The track at Buriram was completed earlier this year, and had already staged several rounds of car racing, as well as a round of the FIM Asia Road Racing championship.

After an inspection by Dorna and the FIM, the track was homologated earlier this year, and will now see a visit from World Superbikes. The WSBK round is seen by Dorna as a test for Moto GP, with a chance of the premier class visiting the circuit from 2016 onwards.

Though the facilities at Buriram appear to be first rate, the only concern about the track is it is in the middle of nowhere. Bangkok is four hours away, and the town of Buriram is home to 15,000. Accommodation, just for the teams, could be difficult, let alone the crowds they hope to have.

Thailand is one of three extra rounds expected to be added to the World Superbike schedule for 2015. The 12 races held this year will also feature on the calendar, with Thailand added and Dorna hoping to add two more races. The World Superbike schedule is expected to be published next Tuesday, 18th November.

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