WSBK - An Entry Level 300 Class is in Consideration!

WSBK - An Entry Level 300 Class is in Consideration!

Snapshot: WSBK heading towards having a entry level 300 championship!!

Getting the young talent into any sporting event has always been the priority of the governing bodies, and so does providing enough infrastructure to enable youngsters in showing and honing their talents. Moto GP has had the championships like the Spanish Championships (which has now grown up to become the World Junior Championship) and there is also the Shell Advance Cup run under the auspices of Dorna to get the young talent from South-East Asia into the premier class of motorcycle racing.

Much on the same lines, reports are coming in that the World Superbike Championship is considering a new entry-level racing class based on the suddenly very competitive small-displacement sportbike segment. It’s still a long way from being announced, but WSBK’s Superbike Commission plans to assemble a group of representatives from any manufacturers interested in creating a Supersport 300 class. The proposed class would allow various displacements and engine configurations and would offer a low-cost way to develop new, young racing talent. The new class won’t be a part of the WSBK’s international tour, as the travel costs would defeat the purpose of a low-cost racing class. Instead, the proposed 300 class would take place in domestic championships.

MotoAmerica‘s KTM RC Cup featuring the RC390 is an example of such a class, as is the Honda CBR250R class in the Canadian Superbike series. Both those series are single-make series however, and the Superbike Commission’s proposed class would allow for different motorcycles from multiple manufacturers. The KTM RC390 and Honda CBR300R could be potential competitors in this new class, as could the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Yamaha R3.

We wish, we get here in India something on the lines of these championships, or atleast a supporting infrastructure where our young talent can get into the Shell Advance Cup and show its talent. No doubt we have a huge potential in terms of riders we can give to the world motorcycle racing arena. All we need is to have our government open up to the idea of Racing as a sport and start helping manufacturers to come forward and bring chnages to the racing status of the country.

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on 2014-12-26 03:01:02

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