WSBK - Missed Buying the PBM Moto GP Machine for Christmas? Here's a WSBK one on Offer!!

WSBK - Missed Buying the PBM Moto GP Machine for Christmas? Here's a WSBK one on Offer!!

Snapshot: Now 3 WSBK Spec Bimota's are up sale, this is turning out to be some Christmas this year!

Just a few days ago, we discussed with you all how every year Christmas brings festivities across the globe, people beam with the joyous energies of the holiday season and wait for Santa to make their wishes come alive which mostly turns out to be either their parents or their company shelling out bonuses, or just the savings asking to be used. With everyone searching for a gift that suits perfectly to the one they are buying it for, the holiday season buying might just become a lot of confusion.

We also told you that, Paul Bird Motorcycles will no longer be participating in the Moto GP class and indeed there PBM race bikes are up for sale (you can read about it here) — four PBM-built CRT machines and two Aprilia ART bikes. However, fret not if you were not able to get yourself one, the Christmas is still a few days away and we have got just the thing in time to make your wish to own a proper hardcore Racing Motorcycle come true.

What we have here is a more budget friendly proposition for you, as compared to the Paul Bird Motorsports Moto GP prototype machines: the Bimota BB3 WSBK-Spec race bikes that were raced by Team Alstare in the 2014 World Superbike Championship.

There are three bikes in total available: Badovini’s factory WSBK-spec Bimota BB3 (€65,000), Badovini’s EVO-spec Bimota BB3 (€45,000), and Iddon’s EVO-spec Bimota BB3 (€45,000). Owning a Bimota is a pretty rare treat in-of-itself, and certainly owning a Bimota BB3 means having the pinnacle of performance available from the boutique Italian brand. A race bike from Bimota though, now that’s something special. Remember the serious lust worthy Bimota HB4 Moto2-spec machine?

Bimota Alstare showed great promise on the race track in WSBK this year, though ultimately had their results voided after the Bimota factory couldn't make the homologation numbers for the 2014 season. It seems unlikely that the factory will return to WSBK racing in 2015, especially now with the team unloading some of its inventory. Their loss is some collectors’ gain though, and interested parties should contact Greg at Team Alstare,, with serious inquiries.

Now, for usual mortal like you and me, all we have to do is to find a bank nearby and just go rob it, it is Christmas time after all, everyone deserves a gift!!!

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