WSBK - Team Hero EBR withdraws from Racing

WSBK - Team Hero EBR withdraws from Racing

Snapshot: Sad news as Hero EBR pulls out of WSBK after EBR filled for bankrutcy

Ever since the shocking news of EBR closing its shop came out there was talk about the future of EBR Racing effort at World Superbike Championship, in which they were participating with Hero Motocorp. Just a few days ago we found out that Hero EBR will indeed be racing at WSBK, however, after the latest developments it has been announced that Hero EBR is pulling out of their WSBK effort.

The team quotes the “recent bankruptcy of EBR and the re-prioritizing of efforts by title sponsor Hero” as the cause of its withdrawal, with Pegram Racing hoping to announce its future racing plans soon. “This is a really hard pill for us all at Pegram Racing to swallow, as we always live by the philosophy of Never Give Up. The whole team did a amazing job of improving results from last year and giving some pride back to EBR and Hero. Niccolo Canepa was riding like the Champion he is, he was literally making people’s jaw drop at what he was doing with our motorcycle. I am so proud of the job he did. One thing for sure Pegram Racing will be back on track and it will be sooner than you think.” said team owner Larry Pegram.

In its press release, Team Hero EBR recognized the hard work of the Erik Buell Racing employees who have been put out of work: “We have worked closely with them and not only appreciate how amazing it was to have a true American Superbike to ride, but how intensely hard that small group of employees at EBR worked to build the EBR bikes, and also support our racing program and other racers,” said Larry. “We are hoping they too will return soon. They deserve to continue.”


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