Yamaha goes Retro in a new Resonator125 Concept and it is a Beauty!

Yamaha goes Retro in a new Resonator125 Concept and it is a Beauty!

Snapshot: Yamaha gets inspired by musical instruments for its latest retro concepts and we like it!

Someone during a coffee chat behind the R&D doors of Yamaha should have asked, What can you do with a Saluto 125 engine, and an SR400 design and while you are at it, don't forget our roots as a musical instrument manufacturer! And the answer was this - the Resonator125 Concept and it is a thing of beauty.

Scheduled to arrive for debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show on Oct. 29  , the Resonator125 concept is inspired by the styling of the SR400, however an even smaller package gives it a presence of its own. Designed for beginner riders who want to feel the blend of past and the future, the Resonator125, staying true to Yamaha's music instrument manufacturing history takes its name from an instrument. The similarities doesn't end there and there are fairly neat touches that keep giving an ode to musical instruments, such as - the chrome fuel tank and tail are contrasted by wood grain panels, an idea much similar to the texture of acoustic guitars. If that is not all,  the engravings on the fuel tank cap, exhaust and various other parts were done using a method typically used on brass wind instruments.

Yamaha is saying that the bike uses an innovative instrument panel assembly while rest of the details of the bikes have been kept a secret. However, looking closely at the pictures released by the company, the meter console looks flat and thin, much like how the smart phones look these days, and there is this digital camera like installation on the top of a rather retro looking headlight assembly.

On the engine and performance front, not much is known at this time but by visual analysis the engine does look similar to the one being used on the Yamaha Saluto (You can read and watch its review here) in our Indian market.

Tell us if you like this idea of a small puny little retro classic? 

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