Yamaha Motor India grew 23% in 2014

Yamaha Motor India grew 23% in 2014

Snapshot: The growth story for Yamaha in India continues.....

Ever since the first ever Yamaha YZF-R15 and the FZ16 were launched in the country, Yamaha has never looked back. Gone were the days of motorcycles from Yamaha in India that were exact opposite to what Yamaha fans wanted Yamaha to have here in India. A country that remembers the legendary RD350 in godly status to generations that raised clouds of smoke from those blisteringly fast and entertaining RX100 and RX135 2 stroke hooligans, Yamaha could have never been a dull commuter motorcycle manufacturer. After years of understanding what Yamaha means to the Indian population the Version 1 R15 and FZ bikes brought about the change Yamaha and India needed.

The Yamaha growth story in the country continued in 2014 supported mainly by the arrival of the upgraded R15, FZ Series and the Fazer when all were launched in their Version 2.0 avatars. Yamaha operating income grew 58.2 pct owing to consecutive annual increase in both sales, and all income categories. Yamaha Motor Co achieved 2013-2015 medium-term target of 80 billion yen in operating income a year ahead of time. Global net sales of motorcycles accounted for 977.6 billion yen, up 49.4 billion yen, and operating income was 22.9 billion yen, having increased 14.6 billion yen. In developed markets, Yamaha Motor sales increased 13 pct owing to rebound in overall demand, and new product launches.

In emerging markets, Yamaha India sales rose 23 pct thanks to increase in demand and new product launches. ASEAN region sales fell 9 pct because of decrease in demand and reduced product competitiveness. Overall, unit sales declined 4 pct at 5.8 million motorcycles. Marine products net sales rose 13.6 pct to 276.4 billion yen and operating income grew 44.1 pct to 45.8 billion yen. For FY ending December 31, 2014, US dollar traded at 106 yen, up 8 yen from previous fiscal year. Euro traded at 140 yen, up 10 yen. 

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