Yamaha MT-25 Cometh, Will Arrive at Indonesia First

Yamaha MT-25 Cometh, Will Arrive at Indonesia First

Snapshot: Indonesian Market is set to get more love from Yamaha in the form of MT-25 soon!!!

We are jealous of our fellow earthlings from Indonesia, they get all the action first hand. The importance of the Indonesian two wheeler market is not hidden from the world and manufacturers leave no chance to make sure that Indonesia gets their best of the machines. When it comes to Yamaha, we envy the Japanese giants love for Indonesia, they just keep on showering new brilliant small capacity machines on the Indonesian market. As if the launch of the Yamaha YZF-R25 wasn't enough to burn a gigantic "Whoa! we want that!" hole in our hearts, news is coming in that Indonesia is soon to get the naked version of the R25 in the form of the MT-25.

In recent months we have seen a significant number of spy shots of the upcoming MT-25 spread throughout the internet, while we discussed about MT-25 way back in Oct.2014 and Judging from the other MT models and the spy photos that have come out, the MT-25 is expected to look a lot like a younger sibling of the MT-07/MT-09 naked's while keeping the comparatively more edgier look of the MT-125. In all likely hood the upcoming naked will feature the same 249cc parallel-twin engine found on the R25, this would mean that the bike should produce around 35hp and 21Nm of peak torque.

With an absence of a faring and a bit less hardware, the MT-25 is expected to be comparatively lighter than the R25, while a weight of 160kg is being talked about a lot in the industry as the curb weight for the same. The bike, just like the R25, is expected to be built in Indonesia solely and at present it will be another Yamaha model built specifically for the ASEAN market.

At this point we would like to remind Yamaha that India also happens to be in the same continent and we are yet to see either a YZF-R25 or a YZF-R3 on sale here and we are craving for them. Not that we have anything against our Indonesian brothers and sisters, they are great people infact, but why should they have all the fun?

Yamaha are you listening?

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on 2015-05-01 12:22:20

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