Yamaha MT-25 spotted testing again

Yamaha MT-25 spotted testing again

Snapshot: MT-25 has been spied again getting tested on Indonesian roads

Yesterday we told you about Yamaha Motors India imported a MT-07 for testing purposes while today MT-25 has been spied again getting tested on Indonesian roads. For all those who don’t know, MT-25 is the naked version of R25. The MT-25 carries the same mean looks from the bigger MT series and is build over the same muscular philosophy. From the spied images it can easily be seen that the bike is muscular enough to rule the 250cc naked segment.

Some of the small details that can be figured out from the image are wide 140 section tire are the rear, a solid looking swing arm, regular telescopic forks at the front, split seats, regular handlebars, LED brake lights  as well.MT-25 shares the same fairing and swing arm as that of R25. Our Indonesian friends are very lucky because whether it’s the smaller Kawak’s or Yamaha R25 they get everything that we only hear about, while we are still debating if we will get the R25 or the R3.

The engine of R25 churns out nearly 36ps of power @ 12,000RPM and 22.6 Nm of torque at 10,000 RPM. The R3 engine produces 42 PS at 12,750 RPM and 29.6 Nm of torque at 9,000 RPM. While we can only talk about these bikes at least for now, because there is no clear indication what Yamaha Motors has in store for the Indian market.


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on 2015-03-24 06:08:26

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