Yamaha R25 get a Green Signal for India, R3 to keep us waiting!!

Yamaha R25 get a Green Signal for India, R3 to keep us waiting!!

Snapshot: So it will be the R25 which Yamaha will bring to India??

Sometimes it sounds like a good idea and then sometimes the other idea is a good idea, sometimes a bike suits our country and then its larger sibling makes an even better sense. Yamaha is in the same dilemma, for it has added to its arsenal of sports bikes, two extraordinary products which are placed just too close to comfort when it comes to choose which one goes to which country.

Yes, we are talking about the incredible Yamaha YZF-R25 and the YZF-R3 twins. As you are well aware the smaller of the two when launched at Indonesia became such a great sales success so fast that even Yamaha itself was caught off guard and had to postpone the exports from Indonesia for a while to meet the local demand of the R25.

Then arrived the Yamaha R3, essentially to cater to the USA market and that of the UK, both markets being starkly different from the South-Asian ones. The entire idea behind the R3 was to push the boundaries of the learner lass rules at both the markets, a strategy well exploited by its rivals like the Kawasaki and the Austrian powerhouse manufacture KTM.

Saying all that, we have a sort of, there is  good news and  bad news. The bad news is that the YZF-R3 will not be making it to the Indian shores for the time being. The good news is that the quarter-litre YZF-R25 is likely to reach dealership in as early as March-April 2015. The news came in from our source who suggests that the Yamaha YZF-R25 will reach the showroom by March-April 2015 and that’s when the bookings are also likely to commence.

However, around what price the bike will arrive is still a mystery, but we are guessing a ballpark price figure, for on-road price is expected to hover above Rs 2 lakh mark, and slightly below the Rs 2.5 lakh mark. Yamaha will export the YZF-R25 from Indonesia to over 30 countries, including Japan. The motorcycle will come to India via the CKD route which will attract import taxes resulting higher pricing.

The Yamaha R25 will come with a new 249cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that would produce 35 bhp of power and 22.6Nm of torque. The engine comes clubbed with a six-speed gearbox. The bike comes with new high-compression (11.6:1) engine which uses Yamaha’s DiASil (Die casting Aluminum-Silicon) cylinders for better heat dissipation and lighter weight.

Have a look at the Race Spec R25!

and the pricing for R3 was also declared, there is something interesting there!

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