Yamaha sets up new spare parts facility in Tamil Nadu

Yamaha sets up new spare parts facility in Tamil Nadu

Snapshot: The new facility will surely play a significant role for the company in the days to come by ensuring smooth demand and supply chain management.

The iconic, Japanese motorcycle maker, Yamaha, has opened a new spare part centre in the state of Tamil Nadu which is located at the company’s plant in Chennai. The new centre has been facilitated in 30,000 sq mts of area and costed around Rs 58 crores for the company to build it. The company says, the new facility has 5 per cent more supply ratio when compared to its discontinued Bengaluru centre. Also the new facility has potential to dispatch the spare parts the very next day when an ordered is booked. The company has more than 3,000 spare part retailers across the country and 20 distributors in 15 states in India.

“The new Centre will play a significant role for achieving IYM Goals. It will contribute to the IYM Profit by strengthening the business foundation and supply chain management operation. The new Centre will support Yamaha business by ensuring smooth supply of quality spare parts in South India as well as other parts of the country and contribute to the achievement of business expansion plans," said Takashi Terabayashi, managing director, IYM.

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on 2016-04-29 03:18:40

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