Yamaha to share platforms for cost cutting

Yamaha to share platforms for cost cutting

Snapshot: The approach is simple, develop an engine, few frames and then adapt the platforms depending on different functions and styles of motorcycles.

Looking at how the global markets are adapting to the new strategy of cost cutting, Yamaha Motors has also revealed their plans to follow the same approach and they are working on developing the new models based on shared platforms, which will allow the choice of multiple models while reducing the cost substantially.

The approach is simple, develop an engine and few frames and then adapt the platforms depending on different functions and styles of the motorcycles. Yamaha is expecting a cost cutting as high as 40% in the 2015 model lineup using the same approach. The strategy has already helped Yamaha through streamlining the vendors and parts manufactures in a fashion that they have been reduced from 400 to 195 only.

Yamaha had earlier designed a MT platform on which they prodcued various models and this approach helped Yamaha a lot. Many models in the US and Europe markets were launched on the same platform, including MT-09, MT-07 and the more recent MT-125. They also added the Sports Tracker and the Street Rally variants of the MT-09. Yamaha Motor President, Hiroyuki Yanagi, on the company's business operations reiterated the strategy of developing multiple models sharing the same engine and frame.

The presentation revealed some of their future plans, including platform sharing for the Max series and the Tricity models. The Max family of scooters currently iclude the 530cc Tmax, the SMax which is launched in India as Majesty S and the XMax.

Yamaha is adopting new methods to be the market leader and coming up with exciting products every now and then. We hope that they will unveil some of their models in the upcoming Intermot show on 30th September or the EICMA in November.

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Yamaha Tricity platform.

Yamaha MAX platform.

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on 2014-09-23 11:38:42

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