Yamaha turns to fuel efficiency to increase sales in India

Yamaha turns to fuel efficiency to increase sales in India

Snapshot: In India, Yamaha motorcycles are more driven by performance than fuel efficiency

Yamaha has been enjoying its fair share of the boom the financial year witnessed in the two-wheeler segment, but it seems as if it's not enough for it. To increase its share in the two-wheeler segment, Yamaha has decided to change its focus from 'performance' to 'performance with mileage'. The company plans to introduce more fuel efficient technologies in its new launches and also in the existing models.

Yamaha, in India, sells models like Fazer, FZ and R15 that are very famous in the 150 cc and above performance segment. But this segment does not attract as many numbers as Yamaha would like it to attract. In 2013-14, Yamaha sold 3,07,511 motorcycles in a market that sold 1,04,79,817 units, which makes Yamaha's share look negligible in front of the share Hero and Honda enjoy.

"Fuel economy of course is a key factor that influences the buying behaviour of the Indian customer across segments. Hence, we are investing our resources in in Toshikazu Kobayashi novations in fuel economy technologies across segments," Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Managing Director told. 

Commenting on the need of adding more fuel efficient variants of the existing products in the current line-up, Kobayashi said, "Going forward, you may expect us to launch new models of two-wheelers with more fuel efficient technology in Indian market which provide best in class mileage as well as cleaner air to our customers." 

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on 2014-06-10 10:57:44

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