Yamaha unveils the 04GEN concept at the Vietnam Motor Show

Yamaha unveils the 04GEN concept at the Vietnam Motor Show

Snapshot: This is the fourth instalment in the GEN range by Yamaha and it has been unveiled at the very first Vietnam Motor Show happening in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from April 7 to 10.

Yamaha has blown away the very first Vietnam Motor Show by showcasing the new GEN concept, the 04GEN. The RUN-WAY concept based design, the 04GEN has been crafted by Yamaha that evokes the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace in mind and body. Unlike any other scooter seen till that hides the frame with exterior parts, this concept is build using semi-transparent exterior parts that covers the frame. Its unique design shows the creativity put into its making. From head to toe, each and every element on the 04GEN is artistically designed and the rear wings reflects its image of a ready to take-off dragon-fly.

The Japanese automaker has announced three concept designs on the GEN platform till date. The 01GEN concept was first introduced in 2014, which was a crossover motorcycle with two wheels at the front. In the same year came the 02GEN concept which was an electrically power-assisted wheelchair and a year after came the 03GEN which was a futuristic TRICITY concept. If Vespa have their 946 then the 04GEN is Yamaha’s competitor in that class. Stay tuned to Bikeportal for more updates and leave your valuable comments in the section below. 

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