Yamaha wants to grow 30% in India this year

Yamaha  wants to grow 30% in India this year

Snapshot: Yamaha is targeting 30% growth and 8.5 units sold in 2015!

With a growth of around 20-25% year on year, Yamaha Motor India has been growing rapidly in the Indian market. In 2014 Yamaha sold 6 Lakhs units and saw itself reaching 23% market share in Deluxe egment and 7% in scooter segment. The company is selling around 15,000 scooter units every month.

Ravinder Singh, vice president (strategy & planning) said that the company was growing at the rate of 20-25 percent every year, which is higher than the industry average. Yamaha wants to reach sales of 1 million units in 2016, he said. Yamaha has set a new sales benchmark of 850,000 units in 2015. The growth in numbers would also be helped by the increase in Yamaha Motor India’s overall production capacity as their Chennai Plant is set to be inaugurated soon. The new Rs 1,500 crore plant will have a production capacity of 1.8 million units per year.

With 2 Yamaha YZF-R3 imported in the country for R&D purposes, Yamaha is on its way to set the performance bike segment on fire in the country. While it also is gunning for the premium scooter segment with its Delight premium scooter, which was seen on Indian roads a while ago. With all this in mind, Yamaha's target for 30% growth in 2015 looks like a achievable target. On the sidelines, Yamaha recently inaugurated the Gram Tarang – Yamaha Training School, where youth would receive two-wheeler technical training, enabling them to become expert two-wheeler technicians.


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