Zero Motorcycles Delivers to Burbank, CA Police Department!

Zero Motorcycles Delivers to Burbank, CA Police Department!

Snapshot: Zero Motorcycle to help Police at Bubank CA reduce crime to a zero!

Zero Motorcycles Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. It came into existence in 2006 near Santa Cruz, California in Scotts Valley by Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer.Zero makes a line of dirt bikes including the X and higher performance MX. They also produce street motorcycles, beginning with S in 2009. The S began shipping in volume in 2010, the first model year to include the Agni Motor at which time the DS, a dual-sport model based on the S chassis became available. The XU, a smaller street bike with a removable battery, based on the same chassis as the Zero dirtbikes was introduced in 2011.

In 2012, Zero introduced the ZF9 Power Pack with the Zero S & DS models making them the first production electric motorcycles that can exceed an EPA-estimated 100 miles on a single charge. In January 2012, Pike's Research ranked Zero Motorcycles the highest among electric motorcycle manufacturers, which gave the company international fame.

 Zero Motorcycles announced that the city of Burbank, CA has purchased Zero DSP police motorcycles through local dealer Hollywood Electrics. While receiving daily use for the department, the motorcycles should be of particular use in areas that take advantage of their off-road capabilities, such as the local hills that were previously only accessible by helicopter. The DSPs’ utility and silence – in addition to the low maintenance and operation costs – make them desirable in both crowded urban environments and local parks.

“The integration of the dual purpose electric motorcycles will provide the Burbank Police Department with the ability to expand our existing enforcement efforts, which we believe will improve the level of service we provide to our community, We continuously look for opportunities to introduce new technology when practical and applicable. The addition of the new electric motorcycles will put the City of Burbank out in front of our partner law enforcement agencies as a pioneer in the implementation of this new and exciting technology.” Police Department said.

“Zero Motorcycles designed and engineered the police motorcycles based upon direct feedback from patrol officers. We are honoured to have the continued support of law enforcement and security agencies and are thrilled that the Burbank Police Department will be using Zero police motorcycles in their fleet,” said Kevin Hartman, Zero Motorcycles fleet sales director.

The police and security fleet vehicle sector is an important market for Zero and one that the company has successfully pursued for several years.

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