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Cars need repair every now and then. When repairing doesn’t solve the purpose, then we have to go for replacement of auto parts. We reach the dealership or car spare parts shop and come to know that it’s a really expensive affair!

Buying automobile spare parts can be quite challenging, the main reason being lack of knowledge of customers. Dealers take advantage of this ignorance and charge a lot for even small spare parts. For the sake of getting the car back in shape, the poor customers end up paying more than required or get tricked for similar-looking but fake counterparts.

So what’s the secret of buying auto parts like a pro, without being conned? Follow these simple tips to buy authentic parts of cars.

  1. Research thoroughly

    Don’t go to the first spare parts shop you know as soon as you come to know that some car part needs to be replaced. Always do your home work first to avoid being fooled by the dealer. Search for a few legit auto parts dealers selling authentic parts. Also, get to know about the parts you need as per your car’s specifications so that you don’t end up buying wrong parts.

  2. Buy at the market price

    Check out the price of the required spare parts with several dealers and compare them to know the lowest price being offered in the market. This way, you won’t feel cheated by the dealer for high price.

  3. Verify & Inspect

    Before wrapping up your purchase, make sure to call the dealer and confirm the spare part number so that you receive the right auto part with right specifications. Also, before making payment, thoroughly inspect the spare parts for any manufacturing or other defects.

  4. Check for warranty

    Always check whether the spare parts that you are purchasing have a warranty, so that if you find any fault with the part once you start using it, then it gets easy to get it replaced.

  5. When buying online

    Since shopping has gone digital, some people opt to buy even spare parts online to save themselves from the fuss of visiting dealers. As much as this seems convenient, buying auto spare parts online can be really tricky.

  • Always check with the OEM. If those parts are also available there, then chances are that what you have is genuine.

  • Check for the packaging; rough packaging or colour changes may indicate fake parts.

  • Do not fall for high discounts offered by some websites. A large price difference may mean that the part costing lesser may be a fake one.

  • Make sure that the parts you are ordering have a return/exchange policy. In case you receive a faulty product, you will be able to return the product easily. If your order has an option for cash on delivery payment, then go for it to save your money from getting blocked.

By taking these extra efforts, you can ensure that you invest in the right auto parts and buy genuine parts for your car. This will help maintain the car’s performance and help you in the long run.