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2015 Audi TT – Baby R8

2015 Audi TT – Baby R8

Snapshot: The iconic TT's third generation has arrived in India. It's good to look at and equally easy to live with.

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Ever since its launch internationally way back in 1998, the TT became the poster boy for sports coupes. The second generation car improved on the styling even further to cement the TT silhouette as a legendary car design.  

However, the latest Audi TT promises to be the best TT yet, thanks to the fact that it is built on the VW-Audi groups all-new MQB-platform. With a lower kerb weight, more dynamic chassis and extra power, the TT promises to be a scorcher to drive.


Car nuts will immediately recognize the TT from a distance. The sloping roofline and the strong cuts and curves all along look cool. As does the huge trapezoidal grille upfront. The pronounced wheel arches and raising belt line add to the muscular look. That along with the 18-inch alloy wheels really gives the TT a strong muscular look. Other styling elements include twin tail pipes and a spoiler which can be raised manually when the need arises. All in all, the TT is a looker to say the least. Its balanced silhouette is true to this cars form of being a sports coupe.


The new TT comes with a virtual cockpit design, which essentially means that there is only one screen ahead of the driver. The gauges are digital as well, and are housed in this single screen. You can choose the size of the gauges depending on what mode you are driving it in. The dashboard is completely clutter free since most of the controls are operated by the MMI system. The AC controls are positioned on the vents themselves. The AC vents design is a work of art. They mimic the turbine of a jet engine and look so cool.

The seats are as in all Audi, excellent, as is the cabin quality. But where the TT truly impresses is, is in the practicality department. It comes with plenty of places to keep your odds and ends at. The boot at 305-litres is useable as well and with the rear seat backs folded you get a flat loading area. The rear seats though remain as useless as before, even small kids will struggle in them.

Engine, performance and gearbox

The TT coupe comes with a 2-litre petrol motor, which develops 226bhp of power. Power is delivered to all four wheels thanks to Audi’s legendary Quattro system via a six-speed S-tronic Automatic gearbox, which uses dual clutch technology. 0-100kph is a claimed 5.3 seconds, which is easily achievable. Where the Audi truly impresses is in its ease of driving. Unlike some other sports coupes which are intimidating to drive and will step out of line if you aren’t near perfect at the wheel, the Audi is forgiving.

Performance levels can be altered depending on your needs through the Drive select mode. If you choose dynamic mode, then the TT will send extra engine noise into the cabin. Brilliant. The petrol motor is smooth, responsive and very quick. You also get flappy paddle gearshifters behind the wheel, to get better sense of engagement with the car.

The suspension on the S-line trim is relatively low but not so much that the TT can’t handle bad roads in India. You have to negotiate them adroitly.

Ride and handling

The steering is responsive, well weighted and full of feel. Straight line stability is good and there is plenty of grip on offer from those chunky tyres. Handling is sublime as well and Audi’s Quattro system does a stellar job. If you want to drive in a sportier manner then all you need to do is put the TT into dynamic mode and the engine will be biased to send more power to the rear wheels for better thrills.

Safety and features

Being an Audi, the TT gets all the bells and whistles. You get a Bang and Olufsen stereo as an option. Auto hold assist, stability control, LED headlamps, multiple airbags and the works.


The TT is brilliant to drive and comes with a classy cabin. That along with the gorgeous looks and strong performance makes it one of the best coupes that money can buy. In fact, the TT is so good that you will wonder if you need to spend that extra cash on the R8. 

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