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2018 Datsun Redi Go and Go+ First Drive Review

2018 Datsun Redi Go and Go+ First Drive Review

Snapshot: So what are the new cars all about? Find it out in the review below.

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Datsun has introduced the new facelift versions of its GO and GO+ models in the Indian market which comes along with a few minor visual and feature updates. So what are the new cars all about? Find it out in the review below.

Both the cars have been upgraded from inside out be it in terms of looks, safety or entertainment features, on the other hand, no mechanical upgrade has been brought to Go or the Go+.

The cars now come with a redesigned front look. The front houses new headlamps, new grille, DRLs, and looks are also fairly revamped with the new 14inch alloy wheels. At the back, new window wiper has been added to the feature list.

The Go hatchback also gets a gets a grey strip below the number plate and a chrome strip at the bottom of the boot lid, also the rear wiper washer is a new addition. The Go+ receives similar visual updates at the font, and is now also available in the new shade of brown, while the new orange paint option on the Go is a visual treat for sure.

How're the interiors?

Both the cars share the same cabin, and the only thing that majorly differentiated them both is the dark cabin theme on the Go, and silver-black theme on the Go+.  

The meter console is all new, and so are the new front seats (earlier attached seats have been swapped off with the individual captain seats.) Cushioning on the front seats is decent, and so is the comfort, as the seats now offer good back and under thigh support.

The plastics used might not be of the highest quality, but it’s not the only thing to worry about. The gear lever has been placed in a weird position, attached to the lower part of the dashboard, and even for mid-sized people, stretching legs on the sides might be a bit of an issue.

But what I did like though was the new 7inch touchscreen infotainment system, which connects to the phone instantly. Also, the air-conditioning was good enough to chill off the cabin in no time.

Both the cars share similar second seating space with just adequate space for both head and leg room. Space is good enough in terms of comfortable seating for two, but fitting the third might be bit of a squeeze.

The Go+ obviously gets an extra seating row which is strictly not for adults.

Both the models are now updated with close to 28 new safety and entertainment features. Things like dual airbags, ABS with EBD, brake assist, and rear parking sensors are now standard fit. 

How are the cars to drive?

Since both share almost everything be it mechanically or dimensionally, the only few things that separate them both is their weight and the length, rest things like height, ground clearance and wheel base remains unchanged, hence they also drive exactly the same.

Running on the same 1198cc, 3-cyl engine which churns out close to 104Nm of peak torque and 68PS of maximum power. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The clutch feels light, and easy to function, and as soon as the first gear is slotted in the car lunges forward with a smooth push. The engine feels refined for a 3-cylinder unit, and has all the juice around 3000rpm to 5000rpm. The engine doesn’t needs to be pushed hard to squeeze out the best of performance, and the presence of torque is strong and is easily noticeable from as low as 1000rpm.

The engine though is likable, but the gearbox truly ruins all the fun. The 5-speed manual transmission isn’t the smoothest unit I’ve put my hands on so far. It simply lacks slickness and doesn’t slot in nicely, so much so that you might end up getting confused with the gears more than often. For daily city cars like these, this gear box is a straight no no!

Verdict -

The new Facelift versions are not only better looking but are also modern as they offer a host of new features. If you are in the market looking for something practical, fun, and economical then look no further. The new Datsun Go and Go+ are perhaps one of the cars you might want to keep in mind if you are not going after the regular options in the market today. They were already decent cars in terms of overall bang for the buck, and now they are even better.


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