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Aprilia SR 150 – Road Test Review – The Crazy Ant!

Aprilia SR 150 – Road Test Review – The Crazy Ant!

Snapshot: What can you expect from an Aprilia scooter which looks this good and is priced just accurately for the Indian market? Read on to know!

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Aprilia SR 150 has been one of the most eye-catching launches of 2016 that got two-wheeler enthusiasts hyped because of being one of the most aggressive scooters ever launched in the Indian two-wheeler market. When showcased for the first time at the Autoexpo 2016, SR 150 grabbed a huge number of eyeballs for being a distinctive looker and of course being an Italian stallion. Recently I got a chance to swing a leg over the scooter to get a feel of what makes the SR 150 so special over all other scooters present in our market.


At the front, the twin beam headlights can surely excite anyone as they look smashing especially with the paint scheme inspired by the bigger Aprilia bikes. The contrasting red and black seat color gels well with the overall SR150 looks and that along with the neatly designed grab rails makes the rear look as good as it can be. If it was my personal scooter, I would have taken off the side exhaust which though doesn’t look out of place, but hides the rear alloy wheel which looks utterly gorgeous. The fit and finish levels on the scooter are just as expected from Aprilia and I bet you won’t be disappointed by having a closer look. The foot rest unfolds with a damping effect to it, and the plastic quality used on such parts is impeccable. Its meter console is very basic having an analog speedometer, fuel indicator, and an odometer.

Well, different people will have different opinions about the SR 150 but I firmly believe that all of them would agree on the point that it does look strikingly sportier than any other scooter picked against it. It has just the perfect design that makes it one of the best-looking sports scooters. Yes, I admit it does look a bit undersized from certain angles especially when driven by someone above 6 feet height, but I am just nit-picking right? It is one good looking scooter that can shame many others when it comes to overall built quality and design.

Rating: 4.2/5

Engine and Performance:

Ever heard about ‘crazy ants’? They are called crazy ants because of their super fast movements. Well, SR 150 in the same sense is crazy, it goes fast and keeps on going the same way till you see you are riding faster than most cars around you. Well, I don’t recommend you to do the same, I am just telling that it is fast even on the highways.

It comes with the 154.8cc 4-stroke unit that produces 10.4bhp of power at 6,750rpm and 11.4Nm of torque at 5,000rpm. It packs the same 150cc engine as seen on the Vespa 150. The engine feels significantly smooth but is still not the smoothest. More than anything else, what really impressed me was its roll-on acceleration from 20km/hr which makes overtaking easy and safe on roads like ours. Because of its eagerness to sprint, riding it on highways is easy and unlike most other scooters you can ride this with confidence. I managed to find empty patches and sprint it to triple digit speeds in no time, and in case you want to know how fast it can go? It is beyond 110km/hr, I didn’t check for its top speed but it is certainly above this point.

Rating: 4.3/5

Ride, Handling, and Braking:

Apart from the engine what makes the SR150 a joy to ride is the way it handles and glides over almost anything that the Indian roads can throw at it. It comes with telescopic front forks and mono-shock suspension at the rear. This setup chooses performance over practicality, and by that, I mean it might not be the best comfortable scooter to ride as you may feel it is slightly stiffer sometimes when driven on worst patches of the road. But at the same time it won’t dive into those patches and unlike other scooters, you won’t lose control because of that. This setup allows the scooter to handle flawlessly and makes sure you ride with all the confidence irrespective of the road conditions. Its 160mm of ground clearance doesn’t interrupt with speed breakers either.

Coming to the braking part, it is equipped with 220mm ventilated front disc brakes and 140mm rear drum brakes. These are the best brakes you will experience on any of the scooters offered in the Indian market. And if you love stunting, if you will find yourself pulling stoppies every time you feel like having some fun. So the SR150 isn’t any less than a bike of the price segment it stands in, on the other hand, it might even be ahead in terms of overall performance, braking and riding dynamics.

Rating: 4.4/5

How practical is this thing?

No one usually talks about practicality if it's associated to a racing brand like Aprilia, but because it is a scooter and it is sold in the Indian market, we’ll have to check its practicality boxes. It’s not exactly a scooter so don’t expect your child to stand on the front footboard on the way to school. The foot board is only spacious enough for the rider’s feet. While if you are carrying groceries back home you can hang the shopping bag up front which makes it not-so-impractical as a scooter. Right?

The under storage space is decent, if not huge. It will comfortably pack all the stuff from a medium sized helmet or a big veggie bag or a couple of beer cans in case if you don’t have a backpack to carry. It doesn’t have a boot light, and our model didn’t seem to have a USB charging socket but the SR150 web page indicates it is offered as an aftermarket accessory so you need not bother about that. In the case of fuel filling, you will have to get off the vehicle, park it on the mid-stand, open the under seat storage where the filler cap is located, while on most other scooters you can just twist the key and filler cap opens right in front of you. So in case you are lazy potato like me, this thing can turn out to be a bummer. Talking about the fuel tank, it has 6.5 liters capacity which by any scooter standard is good and is also bigger than most of the scooters on offer in the Indian market. While talking about the fuel efficiency, it’s not very high and manages to return around 35 to 37kmpl.

Rating: 3.2/5


The Aprilia SR150 is a revelation in the Indian scooter world. It might look like a scooter, but it essentially rides like a gearless motorcycle which can prove to be serious fun on winding roads. It is like those two-in-one candies with caramel and chocolate packed under a single new wrapping. It is not your type of candy if you are a chewing gum lover, perhaps it will explode in your mouth filling it with all the exclusive nonboring flavors you would love to taste.  

Grand total: 16.1/20

Photography: Mohd. Nasir

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