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Audi RS6 Avant – Showstopper

Audi RS6 Avant – Showstopper

Snapshot: The RS6 looks like a regular estate but packs a punch with its monstrous 560bhp engine. We took it for a spin.

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On the outset, Audi RS6 might come across as an activity in futility. After all, why would a carmaker launch an estate car – a segment that has rare takers in India. The other thing is that this is the first ever estate car from a luxury maker. But with a strong V8 engine under its boot as well as sub 4-second time for 0-100kph, it’s easy to see what Audi is going for. But more on that later.


The exterior looks very appealing when viewed from the front end, especially the face with its big and bold grille. The rectangular lamps looks beautifully crafted as well as does the sculpted bumper. The side profile with its chunky tyres and bulging wheel arches hint at what’s under the bonnet. The 21-inch wheels add plenty of personality. The side profile looks sharp as well. The rear end is simple but there is a diffuser which again hints at the sporty credentials. Overall, with its red colour this car simply looks amazing.


The cabin is just as special. The highlight includes a chunky flat-bottomed steering wheel, which looks sporty as well. There’s a huge load of alcantara, brushed aluminium and carbon-fibre materials used on the inside to distinguish it from the most other Audi saloons. The best part is the high quality of the cabin, which is typical of most Audi designs. The RS6 Avant gets front sport seats as standard that offer excellent side bolstering. The rear seats are good on comfort but since this is a Quattro-all-wheel drive model, there is a tall hump in the floor board, which means that you can only sit two in comfort. The third occupant will have to struggle for legroom. The 565-litre boot is massive on most counts and can be furthered to 1680-litres by flipping the rear most seats. It resembles the hulk of a ship more than the boot of a car.

Engine, gearbox and performance

Tearaway, that’s the best way to describe the performance of the RS6 Avant. It is powered by a 4-litre bi-turbo V8 engine that pumps out 560bhp of power and 700Nm of torque. These are crazy figures for what is essentially a road going family car. In typical driving, the front-to-rear power split is 40:60, through the Quattro system and is transferred via a 8-speed automatic gearbox. All this power means that you can hit 0-100kph in 3.9 seconds flat. Yes performance is in Audi R8 supercar territory. What also adds to the sense of drama is the phenomenally quick gearbox, which shows no hesitancy while shifting up or down. All this is comes along with a lot of sound and fury from the exhausts. The exhaust note can be tuned up using the dynamic setting on the drive select button.

Ride and handling

If you enjoy pushing your car into around the corners, the RS6 feels superbly poised. There’s little by way of body roll and you can tell that the car will simply hold onto the road.  There is hardly anything that will unnerve this car. The steering is light but still offers decent feedback. The ride is hard since this is a performance oriented car but if you choose the comfort setting on the drive select system, it becomes decent and manages to eat up some of the bumps with ease.


If you are lucky to have Rs 1.35 crore(ex-showroom, Delhi) then this is one of the rare cars that offers performance as well as practicality too. And it’s a rare car that you can actually take your family in and show them what performance cars are all about.