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Audi RS7 - Ballistic Missile

Audi RS7 - Ballistic Missile

Snapshot: The RS7 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The A7 saloon based design hides a 560bhp V8 engine that is both menacing as well as magical.

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The blue car you see in the pictures here is an explosive mix of Audi’s ‘A’ range of saloons and R8 supercar. It offers 560bhp of power with a 0-100kph time of under 4 seconds and also the practicality of four seats. So, in essence it is an alternative to a flamboyant supercar, but also one that you can take your family to the grocery in. Here is our full review of this beast from Audi. 



The RS7 is based on the A7 sportback, which is already a very good looking car. The front end is dominated by the big Audi ‘goatee; grille which runs all the way into the car’s bumper. The indicator lamps are a pure work of genius. Just like the bigger A8 luxury saloon, the dynamic turn indicators use a set of LEDs in them, which lights up individually but sequentially after a 20 millisecond interval, giving the lamps a Diwali lights effect. These lamps look really cool and are huge on style as well.   

Viewing the car from side profile you can tell that the RS7 is about performance. The flared wheel arches and the low profile tyres along with the crisp detailing on the alloy wheel design shouts muscle. The sloping roofline at the rear gives it plenty of drool value as well.


Audi makes absolutely faultless cabins and it’s no different on the RS7. There is a generous dose of carbon fibre trim on the dashboard as well as around the centre console, which adds to the sporty flair. The flat bottom steering wheel is awesome to grip and comes with flappy pedals behind it to shift gears manually. The front seats offer excellent support all around and the side bolstering means that these seats will hold you well in your position each time you take it on the track. Audi’s Multi Media Interface(MMI) uses only one central dial on the centre console to access many functions on the car. This swivel wheel helps reduce a lot of clutter from the dashboard.

The rear of the cabin is a strict two seater with no provision for a third occupant. That’s because the transmission tunnel is huge at the back, largely because it carries the propeller shaft to power the rear wheels(it’s an all-wheel drive car).

Engine, performance and gearbox

Power comes from a 4-litre V8 petrol engine that develops 560bhp of power and 750Nm of torque. This engine uses Audi’s cylinder on demand technology, which simply means that when the car moving in slow traffic and doesn’t need maximum power, the engine shuts off four cylinders and uses only four. This helps in fuel economy.
The engine is silky smooth and simply loves to rev. The exhaust note can be made more vocal or muted using the MMI system. 0-100kph is achieved in 3.9 seconds flat. To say that performance is blistering would be a gross understatement. This car is a ballistic missile and ideal for long distance trips on the highway. You have to be very careful with the throttle inputs or you will be doing illegal speeds on the highway before you know it. Smash the pedal hard into the floor and the engine displays a violent burst of power. Be prepared to be buried into your seats each time you flex your right leg on the accelerator.   

Power is delivered to all four wheels via a dual clutch eight speed automatic gearbox is super slick and efficient as well. Gearshifts are virtually seamless and there is no lag at all between gearshifts.

Ride and handling

The RS7 isn’t an all-out sports car when it comes to handling, but it does hold its own. The steering offers good feedback, which is a good thing. Body roll is virtually non-existent. Point the steering in a particular direction and the RS7 follows without any fuss. If it’s a track car you want, the RS7 will be more than happy to be your companion

Safety and equipment

You get multiple airbags inside the cabin along with tyre pressure monitoring system for individual tyres. The RS7 also comes with electronic stabilisation control(ESC) as well as ABD. Passengers can also enjoy four zone climate control inside this cabin. It’s a car loaded to the brim with features and tech.


If you are lucky enough to have around Rs 1.40 crore or more lying around with you and want something that mixes performance, comfort and show-stopping style with ease then look no further.  

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