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BMW 6-GT – Expert review

BMW 6-GT – Expert review

Snapshot: Want a luxury car that stands out from the crowd? Then BMW has the answer in the new 6-Series.

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If there’s a niche to be filled trust BMW to be there to fill it up. The 6-series is a fine example of this. It is built on the same platform as the 5-series saloon, but offers better cabin space in the back and a much larger boot as well. The GT-moniker means Grand Tourer, which simply means that it will be great for long distances. Essentially, its BMW India’s smart way of taking on the E-class, since BMW doesn’t offer a long wheelbase version of the 5-series. The extra legroom in the 6-GT can take on the E-class for sure. But the 6-GT is also a very good alternative for all those who want to buy a 7-series for its sheer space but don’t want to shell out big bucks.


It stands out. The 6-GT is huge. These are words that you will say as soon as you see this car in flesh. It is taller than the 5-series on which it is based. The 6-GT is around 150mm longer than the 5-series, its wheelbase is also 95mm longer than the 5-series’, explaining the interior space on which we will elaborate later.

The front end is typical BMW with its double kidney grille, which has become more prominent with each passing generation. The front bumper is heavily sculpted and makes the car look muscular as well. The side profile with the big and chunky 18-inch wheels along with the nice crease running all along the profile gives it plenty of muscle. The rear of the car though can split opinion. If you are of conservative taste then you probably won’t really like the heavy looking rear of the car. For enthusiasts though there is a small spoiler which rises up automatically when the car is pushed beyond 120kph.


The dashboard and interior design is shared with the 5-series. So you get the same, class-leading iDrive infotainment interface. All the menu and sub-menus are easy to navigate through even while you are on the move. The digital gauges look cool and sporty too. The quality is phenomenal as well. There isn’t anything to fault here.

The rear gets ample space as well. You’d think this car is atleast half a feet longer on the inside than the 5-series. Yes, space in the back is that good. It might not match the E-class luxury limousine but still is good enough for being almost as good as the business class seats of an airline. The 610-litre boot can be further augmented to 1800-litres with last row dropped and the spare wheel removed.

Engine, performance and gearbox

You get a 2-litre turbo petrol engine with 258bhp of power and 400Nm of torque powering this car. Power is transmitted via an eight-speed gearbox, which is quick to respond to throttle inputs. Both upshifts and downshifts are effortless, smooth and without even a hint of any jerkiness.

This engine is a lively performer and you will never be left wanting for more power. In fact you have to be careful about flexing your right leg on the accelerator because before you know it, you can be doing illegal speeds. Acceleration is brisk to say the least. BMW claims a 0-100kph time of around 7 seconds and it is completely doable. You can always make things more exciting by choosing the sport mode on the selector. This mode tightens up everything, including the steering wheel and the car changes its dynamics immediately.

Comfort mode is where most people will prefer this car to be in. It’s a nice mix of performance and comfort. Some might appreciate the Eco Pro mode as well. But what this mode essentially does is dull the throttle responsiveness. Though this is ideal for economy, it’s not great for keen drivers.   

Ride and handling

The steering wheel on the 6-Gt isn’t as heavily weighed as the 5-series is. Neither is it a typical seat-of-your pants type of a steering wheel. Even in the sport setting, the steering wheel doesn’t have the same accuracy that you’d want from a typical BMW. That said, the ride comfort is phenomenal. It simply smothers all the road undulations and doesn’t allow anything to enter the cabin.


The 6-GT is a nice combination of luxury and comfort. If you don’t want an E-class but still want something with similar space on the inside then this is a good option.

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