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BMW G 310 GS – First Impressions

BMW G 310 GS – First Impressions

Snapshot: For a country like India which has an evolving adventure biking culture, I see it becoming an icon soon.

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The company recently launched two small segment motorcycles in the Indian market, the G 310 R and the G 310 GS. We rode the former bike a few days back, and you click here to read about the same. Now it’s adventure time with the G 310 GS, the bike which looks highly promising for a market like ours.  

You really can’t deny the fact that the G 310 GS makes a statement when it shows up. Since it’s mostly based on the bigger GS motorcycles from BMW which definitely needs no introduction, it does pull a lot of attraction. And why not? Adventure motorcycles are still not very common in the Indian market, and if something like this pulls up at the traffic light right next to you, I’m sure you’ll love to imagine yourself on the bike.

The new G 310 GS looks exciting and has a genuine feel of a big bike. As soon as you are saddled up, its 835mm seat height makes you feel like you are sitting on the 2nd floor. And that’s surely confidence inspiring. Its super wide handlebar gives you all the leverage you need when pushing it hard in the rough terrain. It is meant to be an all-rounder, and no split opinions about its potential to dominate everything put forward to it. It is generously comfortable out there on the road, and will perhaps make up for an excellent every commute bike, and at the same time, take a little detour to off-road lands for some fun and it will not disappoint. It meant to do some light off-road duties and it does all that with utmost confidence.   

It has been built around the same steel tube chassis as seen on the G 310 R, and apart from that shares the same suspension as well, which is 41 mm upside down forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear. But to make the GS more off-road friendly, the suspension travel has been increased to 180mm. While other major difference is the wheel size, as the GS comes with a 19” front wheel as opposed to 17” on the ‘R’. Its long travel suspension is built to soak up everything, roads or no roads. It makes the bike feel like gliding over all kinds of roads and makes up for a cushy ride on tarmac.

The other bit that it shares with its naked sibling is the engine which is a 313 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-valve DOHC engine has the exact same state of tune, making 34 bhp of maximum power at 9,500 rpm and 28 Nm of torque peaks at 7,500 rpm. The engine works in conjunction with a 6-speed gearbox. The engine feels extremely refined for a single-cylinder motor and has decent low and mid-range torque. One little thing I was absolutely cheesed off with was its shorter first gear, as the bike demands a higher gear if you are doing anything more than 30kmph, and constantly shifting through gears when off-roading is nothing I’m a big fan off.

It is light and easy to play with!

The problem with big adventure bikes is their weight! That’s right. All the weight the big bikes carry only makes them harder to ride. And I totally fell in love with the fact that the GS weighs not an ounce more than 169.5 kgs (which is its road-ready weight), making it quite an easy machine to conquer tough terrains on. Also, all the weight has been brilliantly balanced and even though the centre of gravity is much higher due to its height, but the control it offers with such easy to ride dynamics, only ticks all the right boxes on my table.  

It is offered with 300mm disc brakes at front and 240mm disc brakes at the back. The stopping power from both the ends is impressive, not just on the tarmac but on the dirt as well. The tires grip the ground even with the slightest touch on the brake levers, and if you are in a mood to have some fun, the bike provides an option to switch off the ABS at the rear wheel with a push of a button, easy peasy.   

Verdict -

The BMW G 310 GS demands quite a sum at Rs 3.49 lakh, but you can’t ignore the fact that it's built to do it all, without being too demanding to ride. It is simply one of the easiest beginner Adventure bikes out there in the market today which impresses with its versatility and friendly nature. And for a country like India which has an evolving adventure biking culture, I see it becoming an icon soon. 

Photography - Mohd. Nasir

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