Energica Eva - Electrifying Naked 'Ego'!

Energica Eva - Electrifying Naked 'Ego'!

Snapshot: The Street fighter version of the brilliant Energica Ego Arrives!!!

Energica is probably the only company, that is actually doing what a lot of other electric bike manufacturers should be doing. Bringing, models witha promised spirited performance on tap. The Energica "Ego' is is one fabulous product in the same vein. 

For EICMA 2014, Energica arrived with what they are calling, Eva. It is the street fighter version of the Energica Ego electric superbike, good enough for 150 mph, 134 hp, and 144 lb.-ft. of torque. Based on the same platform of the Ego, the Energica Eva is a product of the CRP Group, better known in F1 racing circles and located in Modena, Italy.

As can be seen, the Eva is without fairings and sports a tall handlebar setup. The Ego’s projector headlights remain, though perhaps in a more palatable housing than on the Ego. Energica is still testing the Eva platform, but range is expected to be improved over the Ego, likely because of different throttle maps. No word on price yet, though we imagine the Energica Eva will be close to the Ego’s $35,000 MSRP.

On display with the Eva at EICMA were three iterations of the Ego in Matte Pearl White, Matte Black and Ego45 Carbon. “We believe that the future is electric, and that a winner on the track is also a champion on the open road,” says Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company. “Our bikes are champions of sport, luxury, craftsmanship and innovation rooted in our expertise in engineering and driving performance.


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