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Ford Aspire Long Term – First Report

Ford Aspire Long Term – First Report

Snapshot: Ford's Aspire seems more groomed, but how it gets better for the daily routine, you will find in the long-term report.

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We have been hanging out with our long-termer Ford Aspire for quite a while and it is not the first time that this compact sedan has been in line to our fleet. We used it for our routine home to office and back forth commuter and also got on a highway trip. and that's not a with Ford updating its product after a short span of time the Aspire has been groomed more, but there is no model which is perfect and some nags as well, but this one surely doesn't have too much of it. It's more groomed and how desirable it gets when you go in it, you will know in this review.

What we like 

You don’t have to shell out extra bucks to own a fun-to-drive car and for after-sales services, heard this from many experts, right! We will surely say these words are not for the Aspire and not even close. The 99 bhp of power from a 1.5-litre diesel engine is efficient sipper and we easily managed to get a good fuel efficiency of around 20kmpl (quite a light sipper, it is). What more adds to is the refinement level that can even give you doubt, whether it is petrol or diesel car?

Even the gearshifts are efficient with its smooth-running gearbox, deft steering and nimble feel of the chassis is something that a keen driver will like about it. The engine is punchy, and also can be used as frugal, as you want it to be in the need of the hour. This is just as true as Newton’s gravity theory based on an apple fall. The pressing the accelerator will surely tell you a lot by the engine notes.

Driving every day to Gurgaon from Delhi means you need to have patience as well as time to reach, where you will face near bumper touching traffic and also at some stretches, it is a fine route to drive with ease (a mix of bitter-sweet taste). This is where one can get to know more about this car and in between, we also noticed the good AC throw, with the scorching summer season on the way, will keep away from heating, chilling you and the cabin as well.

What could be better?

Well about the driving bit, no one can deny what we observed. And the cabin of the Aspire has also been improved, when compared to the last version that was full of buttons and switches without giving a feel of a cockpit. The seats are comfortable for your daily traffic rides, the interior still needs to get out of that black and beige dual-tone dash. Though, on our way for weekend getaway what we also felt that the boot aperture should have been wider, perhaps square-shape would add more opening for the luggage to be gulped with ease.

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Speaking my mind, the car is good for the city drives when it comes to ride quality and handling; and with the soaring heat every day, the car seems to be with us in a promising manner, as it has been till now, standing neck-in-neck with our other long termers.

Keep a tab, as we will be back soon with a travelogue with the Aspire and will glad to share our experience.

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