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Ford Aspire – Long Term Review; Final Report

Ford Aspire – Long Term Review; Final Report

Snapshot: The Aspire’s brilliant ride and high fuel economy continue to impress.

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Weekend getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city always need meticulous planning. With the sun truly beating down on Delhi right now most team members want to take a break from the city. The one thing in common, while applying for a leave is a small “P.S.” note at the end of the email, “Sir, can you spare us the Aspire for the next 3 days for this trip.” While I would like to believe that the team is passing notes on the car to each other, it is the Aspire’s inherent qualities that makes it so desirable in the first place.


What we like?

Most testers have noted that the car is a ‘delight’ to drive. The steering agility and communications is something that almost ever team member has raved about. While some have filled the logbook with words like, ‘delectable’ others have chosen to say, ‘it’s sublime’. Whatever the adjective used the short story is that the steering is a big boon.
Testers gave also enjoyed the air-conditioning on the car. Any car which can cool the cabin in a couple of minutes, in this sweltering heat in Delhi deserves a pat on the back for sure. Even when the ambient temperature has threatened to hit around 48 degrees Celsius, the Aspire has made ‘no sweat’ with its stellar AC.
What testers also noted was the fact that the car’s ride feels even better than bigger and expensive sedans. It’s a car that truly feels like a much bigger one, when being driven on the highway. Not only does the precise steering help but the agile chassis as well as solid suspension set-up also aides this by a long way.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the car’s high fuel economy. On an average the car has delivered figures in excess of 18kpl in the city with the AC on. Highway users have reported figures in excess of 22kpl on occasions with the AC. These are good figures when you consider that the 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine pumps out a strong 100bhp. Most log book comments also said that this diesel engine truly impressed with its refinement. One team member said his wife didn’t believe it was a diesel until they went to the pump and he filled up the said fuel.

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What could be better?

There are a couple of things that testers noted. One was that the beige fabric inside the cabin has a tendency to soil rather easily and that even the lightest of dust tends to make them soil. Some testers also noted that the boot hinges intrude into the capacity of the trunk space and also that the boot aperture should have been better.
Other than that, there’s hardly any reasons to complain about this car. If you are in the market for an entry level sedan, then have a look at the Ford Aspire. We recommend a buy for sure. 


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