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Ford Endeavour – Long term review, first report

Ford Endeavour – Long term review, first report

Snapshot: The Endeavour is the quintessential SUV. It’s surprisingly agile in town and fuel efficient too.

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Why is it on test?

We’ve kept the Endeavour in our fleet before but for short stints. This time Ford generously offered a two-month stint and we immediately said yes. This time though we’ve got the top-of-the line 3.2-litre version with lots more power and plenty of standard features to keep us entertained. We also wanted to figure out if the 2.2-litre version is sufficient of does the bigger engine have its own charms that make it a better buy. So here is what we have found out so far.

What we like?

Tackling the badly patched up roads, more so in this monsoon weather when every road looks like the craters on the moon. The chunky tyres, able suspension and strong chassis ensures that occupants inside the cabin simply don’t feel a thing. The Endeavour with 197bhp also never feels wanting for power. The strong engine delivers power in a nice, clean and linear manner. Yes, there is a hint of turbo lag, but it’s never inconvenient and the generous power spread more than makes up for it. Not only is the engine powerful, it is inherently smooth and refined, especially when compared to the Toyota Fortuner, which has a tendency to become boomy when revved.

Our team has also enjoyed the solid presence this car has on the streets. This is more immediately noticeable when negotiating tight city streets in Gurgaon. One hint of this car in their mirrors and you can see other motorists scampering away. There isn’t any need to honk or even flash your lights.  

What could be better?

A small glitch on the electronic system meant that the 4x4 warning lights were reported by a colleague twice in the month. These lamps magically turned off after a couple of minutes too, just giving enough time to be stored on the staffer’s phone camera. It’s possible this could be due to low tyre pressure in one of the tyres or maybe another colleague launching the Endeavour over Gurugram’s various speed breakers or dividers to avoid traffic or just jump a lane. But we are keeping an eye out for the lamps incase they light up again.  


The Endevour is an effortless and endearing machine to drive on a daily basis. Yes, you can feel its girth in the city but it is never overbearing and simply loves to be driven hard. While we have enjoyed our time with it, if you drive mostly in the city then our advice is to simply go ahead and buy the 2.2-litre version. It costs around 75 percent of the value and delivers almost 90 percent of what the 3.2 does.

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