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Ford Figo Long Term final report

Ford Figo Long Term final report

Snapshot: The bright orange coloured Figo diesel brightened up our motoring life over the course of two months. Here’s a detailed report.

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Few affordable cars can put a smile on your face as adroitly as the Figo will. In our two months with it, the little orange number made our lives very bright indeed. Used primarily as an office to home commute car, it managed to win us on many fronts.

What we love

Most auto experts will tell you that if you want a fun-to-drive car, then you will have to shelve big bucks and also that running costs will be high. Neither of these two statements is true of the Figo diesel. The 1.5-litre 100bhp diesel motor is a light sipper. We managed 19-20kpl on a regular basis. But that’s not all, what really impresses about the engine is its sheer refinement as well as responsiveness from low rpms, both of which can shame many a petrol car.

Another enjoyable part about the car is the crisp gearbox and light clutch, which makes punting this car around traffic a happy affair. Other laudable features? One tester especially appreciated that the steering is light enough for town travel but still very feelsome to take it around the hills and have fun. The taut suspension set up adds to the fun factor as well. But it’s never overtly firm to feel uncomfortable.

Special mention must be made about the car’s AC. It is easily one of the best in this segment, if not the best. The throw of air is strong even towards the rear of the cabin and the AC really chills the cabin in a hurry. You will have to turn the blower down or play the game of on/off with the compressor switch. This strong AC is very deeply appreciated on long highway runs.

What is appreciated even more is the stable and confidence inspiring ride. When you are doing speeds in excess of 100kph on the open road the car feels very relaxed because the engine is spinning at only 2,000rpm or so and the cabin is very well insulated from the outside.

What we don’t like

Though the Figo’s interior is a source for criticism, thanks to the clutter of buttons on the centre console as well as the boring gauges, it does redeem itself with the huge cabin space and large boot. Ford should seriously consider updating the stereo with an easier interface, which will be intuitive to use. The current set-up is unnecessarily complicated. The seats though are adequate though for daily city use and won’t tire you out over the longest of long journeys.


The Figo’s strong build quality and stronger engine performance makes it one of the best overall value deals at the price point. We simply can’t get enough. It gets an endorsement from our team.

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