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Ford Figo Sports Edition First Test Drive

Ford Figo Sports Edition First Test Drive

Snapshot: How is the new Ford Figo Sports Edition different from its standard version? And does it justify the extra 50 grand or the Sports tag?

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Ford, one of the few car makers in India that focus on making cars for enthusiasts recently launched the new Figo Sports Edition and Aspire Sports Edition in the market. The company is asking Rs 50,000 more on the new Figo while Rs 40,000 more on the new Aspire Sports Edition. We got to drive the Figo Sports and in the report below we are going to let you know if the new car is worth the extra money or you can still save some cash and opt for the more feature packed on the Titanium Plus edition.

What’s new in the car?

Ford has made sure that if they are bringing in a sports edition it should not be about just the flashy cosmetic changes, it should be sportier and a driver-centric car that does justice with its sports tag. Talking about the cosmetic upgrades first, the car gets a bunch of bits on the outside that separates it from its standard version.  

The older grille has been replaced with a honeycomb one, the rear view mirrors now comes painted in black, the roof top is coloured in contrast black, there is a new ‘S’ badging stripe on the side body and if that was not enough they have also given it a new spoiler at the back which looks great aesthetically. The car also gets bigger 15” alloy wheels which come in black and makes the car look aggressive and gives it a bolder stance.  Inside the cabin, the scene remains the same with the similar multi-button infotainment system, triple clock cockpit and the same pockets for bottles and everything else. What’s different is the new red stitching on the seats, steering wheel, and gear lever. The cabin now feels darker, and sportier and we like it.

On the performance front, the Ford engineers have tuned the suspension unit by making it stiffer and shorter by 10mm. They have also reworked the anti-roll bar for making it as driver-centric as they can. But on the engine part, everything remains the same. It still derives its power from the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that churns out 86.7bhp of maximum power and 112Nm of peak torque. It also gets the same 1.5-litre diesel powerhouse that delivers 98.6bhp of a maximum power and enormous 215Nm of torque that makes the car fun to drive. The cars remain mated to the same 5-speed manual transmission and there is not much change on the transmission part.

Due to the use of larger 15” wheels and wider tire profile, the fuel efficiency on the petrol version has gone down by a tiny 0.02kmpl while on the diesel the mileage is down by 1.54kmpl, which we don’t think enthusiast opting for this car would mind.

How does it drive?

Ford engineers have shifted the dynamics of the new Figo in such a manner that ‘car guys’ will simply love it and even the ‘non-car guys’ won’t mind driving it. It is certainly more fun than the standard Figo and at the same time, the company has made sure that it should remain comfortable for the mass market people who just like to use it in the city limits daily.

The larger tires have given it more traction on the road leading to more feedback and better steering geometry. The suspensions have also been shortened by 10mm and that means those body movements should naturally go down while taking aggressive corners. The new setup does inspire more confidence while steering the car hard as it holds the cornering lines well than standard Figo.

The whole suspension setup along with the torque abundant diesel engine that we were driving makes the new Figo a good driver’s car. The engine has not been re-tuned for more power or torque but there is not really a need for it as it already delivers great punchy performance throughout the rev range. There is almost insignificant turbo lag which makes the power delivery thrilling and at the open highways even feathering the gas minimally will take you out of sticky situations and you don’t need to gear down for that. So the Figo Sports edition did impress us in its driving department.

Is it worth the extra money?

For the extra 50 grand, you get a bunch of visual bits which clearly makes the car look funky and you don’t need anything aftermarket which on the other hand will cost you much more than that with even little detailing and finish quality.

Since these suspensions are non-adjustable and hence are hard to tune aftermarket for performance which on the other hand Ford is already offering in this package. So if you are someone who loves driving and prefer performance over everything else, the new Ford Figo Sports Edition is the car for you.  


The new Figo Sports looks great with the new sporty bits added to give it a flashy appeal. On the performance front, the Figo comes with a more engaging driving setup that not only steps up its X factor but also makes it more fun to drive. It sure is one of the best driver’s cars present in its segment or above that is as fun to drive on the twisties as anywhere else.   

Photography: Mohd. Nasir