Harley-Davidson Street Bob - Road Test Review

Harley-Davidson Street Bob - Road Test Review

Snapshot: Street Bob translates mile munching experience into meditation and you need nothing else if you have a bike like this!

There are different set of motorcycles and so are riders. Some like to thrash their way out from mud and dirt, on the other hand some like to cruise, dominating the landscape in style. Who doesn’t have a bucket list which does not include ‘Riding a Harley-Davidson’ at least once in their lifetime as the brand itself is of portentous significance in the world of motorcycling. If I went to counting down the times I have been spellbound by watching it fly-by on roads, forget it that’s technically not possible. But yes! Movies like The Terminator, Wild Hogs brought the Harley fanboy out of people like me. And the day finally came when I got to saddle up on a Harley.

Enough talk! Let’s Ride!


Harley-Davidson Street Bob comes from the Dyna family, it looks like every extra bit of weight has been thrown out of the bike to give real old-school bobber look. The handlebar extends upwards and looks really mean, while demanding the rider to stretch his arms a bit and this position though doesn’t aid turning dynamics, but looks assertive for sure. Its fuel gauge indicator is mounted on the left side of tank and the all black full length meter console packs an electronic speedometer with RPM/gear indicator, clock, trip meter, engine diagnostics and also an integrated barrel-key ignition switch that turns on and off the bike.

From bang on rear, the fender just looks smashing along with the turn indicators embedded within the tail lights on either sides as one. At the front, the single tiny round headlamp looks neat and goes with the whole bobber theme of the motorcycle. The chrome bits like shiny front/rear suspension, fuel filler cap, chrome dipped handlebar, lustrous twin pipe exhausts and chromed engine heads give the Street Bob an authentic Harley-Davidson look. Build quaility and attention to details is top notch on the Street Bob, even better than other bikes of its class!

I still remember the look on my neighbour’s face when he saw me parking the Street Bob, that look said it all. It’s not just an eye puller, it’s much more than that. It’s a dream!

Rating: 4.4/5

Engine and Performance-

It derives its power from a 1,585cc air-cooled Twin Cam 96 engine that delivers 124Nm of peak torque at 3,500rpm. The engine is unbelievably smooth for a V-twin and irrespective of where you are cruising in the rev range it feels very linear and power-ready to rocket the bike as soon as throttle is cracked open. There is always plenty of grunt present right from the lower end that helps it to trundle around the city at lower speeds. The engine feels rev happy and loves being throttled around.  That aside, its signature Harley potato-potato exhaust note serves a sensation and will simply put a smile on your face!

Gearing is kept on the taller side and that’s obvious as it being a cruiser. 1st or 2nd gear, that’s it for city rides, sometimes you’ll use 3rd gear if you find space but not beyond that. Reaching on to the 6th gear feels like an achievement in itself, as there are less times you find empty stretches to fully explore the potential of this 1,585cc brute.

Rating: 4.1/5

Ride and Handling-

The Street Bob’s suspension setup has been tuned to deliver utmost quality highway ride. The bike feels at home on long stretched highways and takes the rider a step closer to nirvana. It has an impeccable straight line stability and is an absolute bliss to ride on open highways. 

Though the set up might not feel as great in city as it on highways because it felt on the firmer side and transferred some of the jerks from roads to the body. But at the same time, it also complements the over-all handling geometry of the bike in such a way that makes it feel planted on corners.

Ground low seating positon and that along with heightened handlebar may not be an ideal riding position for many but it surely makes the rider look intimidating. In terms of comfort, riding ergonomics are bang on comfortable for all rides be it short or long, in city of highways. Its super wide single seat is nicely designed to hold the bums comfortably on all rides.

Also, you will need to take a special care when negotiating speed breakers as it 110mm ground clearance doesn’t helps much. 

Talking about the brakes, its 4 piston fixed front disc brakes and 2 piston torque free floating rear disc brakes have the right amount of bite and progression needed to bring the bike to safe speeds. They are linked with ABS which is of vital importance if you are riding in a country like India.

Rating: 4.1/5


The Harley-Davidson Street Bob might just be the bike for you to break away from your chains of modern world captivity. A bike to chase your dreams on, breaking off the real-life shackles and riding into the sunset for as long as the lights goes out. Street Bob translates mile munching experience into meditation and you need nothing else if you have a bike like this!

At a price of Rs 10,64,000, Harley-Davidson Street Bob makes one of the best priced big displacement Harleys available in India. From drool worthy looks to character of a mean-class cruiser, Street Bob is spectacular in every sense.

Grand Total: 12.6/15

Photography- Mohd. Nasir

•  Harley-Davidson India
on 2016-08-22 05:20:13

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