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Hyundai Verna long term review – Final report

Hyundai Verna long term review – Final report

Snapshot: Everyday mundane tasks felt like they had an added layer of elegance on them with Hyundai's brilliant Verna sedan.

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Over the last year or so our long term Hyundai Verna has brought a sense of occasion to our everyday daily drives. As our long time audiences will recall, we got our Verna during the onset of summers in 2018 and it has remained with us till May 2019, barring a couple of months in August and September last year.

Our car, a petrol automatic, was meant primarily for the mundane city life at which it more than excelled. However, it did excel at highway duties as well and made even our chore like point A-to-B city travel an enjoyable affair. We feel really special whenever we drive the classy Verna. It’s easy driving nature and rich features list only adds to this sense of occasion that we feel.

Infact we loved this car so much that we asked Hyundai to keep it for much longer than originally planned. The car was originally loaned to us for only six months but we loved it so much that after it went back, we missed it dearly. So we placed a request for its extension with us and lo and behold we were granted our wish to keep it for a full year.

What we like?

Nearly everything on the Verna is good. We truly appreciated its sleek looking silhouette. The balanced and proportioned looks definetly look and feel classy

With a bit over 7,000km on the odometer our staffers enjoyed every bit in this car. Special mention was made repeatedly about the cooled front seats, which simply cooled ones back in an instant – a boon on a hot summer day, especially if you live in the northern part of India. The infotainment system, with its seamless connectivity with either Android or Apple devices also added to the charm. 

Our testers logbook is filled with praises for the cars dynamic handling as well as the high class cabin. One logbook comment also asserted “why the Verna builds a strong case against compact crossovers”. One tester also felt that the Verna was an engaging car for highway travel, especially since it felt very well planted at speeds in excess of 100kph. The automatic gearbox also is a six-speed unit. This aids the engine's flexibility greatly. When you are doing speeds in excess of 100kph, the engine is spinning at around 1,800-1,900rpm, making the cabin a very calm place. The engine also is a hugely refined unit. Even when revved hard, there is no noise or vibration that enters the cabin.

With more than 7,000kms under its belt, we truly appreciate its more than satisfying driving experience, large boot, and an opulent cabin along with the ace cabin quality all round.

What could be better?

Our testers found only small nits to pick with the Verna. One comment in the logbook said, the Verna could use brighter cabin materials, while one noted that the Verna is only a better stereo away from being the perfect sedan. One driver noticed that the USB-fast charger didn’t charge as fast as even the regular USB slot on the car. Like we said, we were really stretching ourselves to find faults with the car.


We’ve been more than delighted with the Hyundai Verna. No wonder, this car was our car of the year, two years ago. It offers a soul satisfying experience and buyers keen on a midsize sedan should check one out at a Hyundai dealership before parking their monies on something else.

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