India bike Week will see Harley-Davidson Celebrating its 5th Anniversary in India!

India bike Week will see Harley-Davidson Celebrating its 5th Anniversary in India!

Snapshot: Harley-Davidson to celebrate its 5th Indian Anniversary with India Bike Week!!!

Harley-Davidson has struck gold in the Indian Market and proven the critics wrong. A lot many people were sceptical if Harley-Davidsons plans of opening an assembly unit in India prove a good investment or not. They meteoric ride in the sales figure for Harley in India are a clear indication that the US based legendary manufacturer was indeed absolute bang on with their plans for India and then its execution. One look at the success of the Street 750 and you will know just how incredibly well Harley has penetrated the market as cost conscious as ours.

The year 2014 was no deifferent interms of Harley's growth story in the country, infact it has ended on a strong note for Harley-Davidson India as the company completed five years in the country with more than 8,000 motorcycles on Indian roads since it commenced retail operations. To celebrate its India journey, thousands of Harley owners from around India are expected to make their way to Goa in February. Harley owners will gather to celebrate Harley-Davidson India’s fifth anniversary and participate in the third India H.O.G. Rally at India Bike Week.

Anoop Prakash, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India said, “The 3rd India H.O.G. Rally will be a larger-than-life celebration of the freedom that unites us all, and we invite all Harley owners and their families to join us in scenic Goa. Since we began our journey in India five years ago, Harley-Davidson has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom for thousands of brand enthusiasts. More than 8,000 Harley-Davidson owners are riding on Indian roads, which stands testimony to the customer experience we deliver to our owners.” Set to begin just after the third India H.O.G. Rally celebrations on February 19th, the two day event will see thousands of Harley-Davidson owners thundering down the streets of Goa with their family and friends.

This will also be the first India H.O.G. Rally to welcome Harley-Davidson Street 750 riders. The first India H.O.G. Rally in 2013 saw a turnout of more than 600 Harley owners, followed by more than 1,200 Harley owners at the second edition earlier this year.


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