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Indian Scout Sixty: Less muscle, same spirit

Indian Scout Sixty: Less muscle, same spirit

Snapshot: Indian Scout Sixty is the entry in the realm of a legendary brand. It comes with a slightly smaller V-Twin and more blackness instead of chrome against the Scout. But still has every bit of that same character of a fantastic cruiser.

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Indian Motorcycle made the Scout reflecting Burt Munro’s legacy of taking a standard machine and rewriting history with it. It was the stepping stone for Indian aficionados to live in the footsteps of an icon. The 1,200cc American muscle now has a slightly lighter brother to make entry in the Indian Motorcycle family easier, meet the Scout Sixty. It sits just under the Scout with a smaller displacement engine and lesser price making it the most affordable cruiser from the historic brand. It was again a happy moment when Autoportal team was greeted by the new 60 cubic inch (61 to be exact) cruiser on an early morning ride around the streets of Delhi.


The new Sixty looks remarkably similar to the Scout minus a lot of chrome detailing on engine covers and headlight. Those gorgeous machine billed alloys of the Scout are replaced by black painted wheels on the Sixty. Also the fancy tan leather gets replaced by black version which adds a certain dark ‘bad boy’ outlook to the Sixty. None of these differences will matter you personally because it still one hell of a great looking design. It still replicates the age old timeless styling of the legendary Scout with the added dose of refinement and class. And as you can see with the optional kit like saddle bags, backrests and an upgraded exhaust, it looks brilliant and more functional at the same time. Don’t however consider parking it next to a Scout, as the shiny chrome on the big brother might diminish the appeal of the Sixty. However you look at it, you will never feel like you are getting less on the Sixty for the price, it’s a gorgeous piece of history.

Engine and performance

Sixty might be sporting 134cc less than the Scout but there is not a smidgen of understatement in its performance credentials. The 999.6cc V-Twin pushes out 78bhp of maximum power backed up by 88.8Nm of peak torque. Sure it pulls around 250kg of metal but it does so with aplomb. You also get a gear lesser than the Scout, Sixty runs on a 5-speed gearbox which is comfortable singing at 3,800rpm at around 100kmph. The loss of a gear is felt when you really hammer it down the highway past 5,000rpm, this is where the Scout feels more pliant, but let’s be honest that this machine is not for pelting at maximum rpm. It is a sophisticated cruiser which will propel from naught to 100kmph in 4.7seconds and reach a top speed of 175kmph when the mood takes you. Another enjoyable aspect is the bass note from the exhaust which is a deep burble than metallic clatter. It keeps you calm and lets you enjoy the lovely riding experience of the Sixty. And thank God for liquid cooling on this engine that keeps heat at bay.

Ride and handling

Of course ride quality is where all Indian Motorcycle’s have to shine and the Sixty delivers a composed and smooth ride on our mixed bag of road surfaces. The suspension setup is the same and has been softened for more comfort. The supportive seat holds your bum at ease for short distances and the optional backrest will make further long saddle times easy. Soft corners are dealt with composure like any other cruiser. Even if you dive in slight corners with enthusiasm, the leans are predictable and joyous rather than being scary for a high brute. But do not think of pushing overbroad as the engine’s performance is more than the shocks can handle. You might get that confidence to push it hard, but scraping those tastefully crafted foot-pegs on to tarmac will be sad. This might get me into trouble but I will say it, the Indian branded Kenda tyres on the Sixty can be done away and replaced by Bridgestone BT 45 or Pirelli Route MT66 if you can find a set. The brakes are ventilated 298mm discs, one at the front and one at the rear. They are progressive and the ABS provides that much needed safety for a vehicle this weight.


The Sixty carries all the character that its bigger brother does, with the advantage of about Rs 2lakh in its favour. Sure it misses out on chrome detailing, 22ponies and a sixth gear, but once you get in the saddle and ride off those elements get left behind. It looks every bit as special as any Indian Motorcycle does, and is your first entry in the world of a legendary brand. It is comfy, looks gorgeous, sounds noble and has a soul. This one definitely wants you to ride, and feel good about it.

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