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Jaguar XE Diesel - Expert Review

Jaguar XE Diesel - Expert Review

Snapshot: Jaguars has always been making beautiful looking cars and the XE is one such example of it. But is it a good buy for you, we will tell you today.

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Just by its looks alone you can state the Jaguar XE is a gorgeous car. Then you experience its plush cabin, its sharp handling characteristics and fall in love with it all over again. And as the latest diesel version makes its entry in the market, it gains another strength of being fuel efficient as well along with all of its other redeeming points. Though, the petrol version was a sporty choice, but to come in-line in competition with its German rivals, Jaguar XE 20d came to Indian shore for efficiency. So lets find out how this product is a good buy for you.


Jaguar engineers have concentrated on making the XE leaner and meaner than the XF and probably the best looking entry-level premium sedan in its segment. This is by quite some ways the best looking car in its segment.

The muscly shoulder line running across the side adds more to its brawny appearance. It’s not only the face that resembles to XF, but the tail as well like the similar designed taillamps with a missing chrome strip running between the two, as seen on the XF.


The cabin welcomes you with a nice beige leather and black  dual-tone upholstery. In simple words, the trim level says it all for the owner’s comfort. The portfolio variant boasts a lot of features like Meridian sound system with Jaguar’s 8 inch InControl infotainment system along with navigation function. Another feature that will appeal to your eyes is the gear knob that pops-out as the vehicle starts.

There is no point of doubt when it comes to comfort level of seats. Though, the cabin feels tight  at the rear, but you still have adequate amount of knee room to sit relaxed. The transmission tunnel running through the centre console to the rear, makes it comfortable for only two passengers. The 455 litre of boot capacity is less than its rivals, but still this is capable to swallow big suitcases for your weekend getaways.

Engine & performance

The diesel variant we tested was packed with a 2.0-litre Ingenium 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 177bhp top power. In terms of refinement levels, Jaguar’s Ingenium is so good that it is hard for the passengers to notice whether they are in a petrol or diesel variant. The motor though takes some time to give a pull-effect after 2000rpm and brings a smile as you touch 4000rpm.

Spreading this generous amount of power though is done pretty well by an 8-speed automatic gearbox. You will never find this Jag in wrong shift and works smoothly. Want a sporty feel then you can also get your hands on paddle shifters, keep yourself engaged and how about making 100kph in this car from a standstill in a mere 7.8seconds.

Ride & handling

All Jaguar cars excel in handling and offer a good amount of feedback, though you feel a bit of body roll while pushing it into the corners, but that’s acceptable. Along with agile handling, suspensions are more on the softer side to soak all bumps and potholes at most speeds. The XE displays good stability even at fast speeds and braking performance is consistent and strong. Though, you are familiar with the Jaguar’s driving mode and what else you get is All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) that will hug the surface in slippery conditions.


What the XE really represents is a brilliance of luxury sedan and a nice ride. Nonetheless, how about dramatic looks both on the inside and outside. These are few characters that are embedded in the Jaguar XE and most luxury buyers are looking for, and does make a wise alternative to established German rivals.

Photography: Mohd. Nasir

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