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Jaguar XJ 50 – Expert review

Jaguar XJ 50 – Expert review

Snapshot: The regal looking XJ looks stylish, posh and hugely desirable. So should rivals be worried?

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It’s been over 50 years since Jaguar started making cars. In that span a lot has happened. The carmaker has changed ownership multiple times with the likes of Ford Motor Company and now Tata Motors owning the legendary brand. Jaguar India recently launched the XJ 50. The number a clear indicator to the fact that Jaguar has completed 50 years in the business. The 50 is essentially the long wheelbase version of the car with stylish exteriors to mark it different from its rivals.

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The XJ has been around for nearly a decade but still manages to look the part. At 5.2-metres in length, it has plenty of girth and personality. The changes on this special edition car include completely restyled front and rear bumpers with a different set of foglamps housing as well as a darker finish for the grille with the big cat logo in it. The rear is complete with special 50 badges as well.  

The Jaguar XJ stands out from a sea of German cars with its sloping roof and the extra-long wheelbase as well. These generous proportions and its girth gives the car plenty of oomph and it is a head-turner for sure.


If you’ve just stepped inside the Jag from an Audi or BMW, then you will be welcomed by more analogue kind of feel. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of tech and features on offer to keep occupants busy, but unlike rivals, where these features can become overbearing, on the XJ, they simply feel ‘under the radar’. The car will not overwhelm you with a gamut of tech unlike its rivals and rightfully so. The XJ is all about ‘low pulse’ travel and that’s something it excels at. The cabin with its rich premium leather seats and carved out wood panels feels hugely upmarket and very posh indeed. Special mention has to be made about the circular dial that pops open each time you start the car and goes back in when you switch it off. You also get a nice-looking clock between the front AC vents in the centre.

You get plenty of space in the home sofa like rear seats of the car but that said the infotainment system is really boring to operate. It feels a bit laggy to operate and also doesn’t have the sharpest displays. Rivals Audi and BMW offer better systems, which are much easier to operate.

Engine, gearbox and performance

Under the hood you get a 3-litre diesel with 300bhp along with 690Nm of torque as well. You also get an 8-speed automatic gearbox that’s a delight to operate. One word to describe the performance of the car is, simply hushed. The car cocoons you from the world outside and the diesel motor is simply amazing at noise, vibrations and harshness levels keeping all things under good check. Most buyers will simply appreciate the brilliant gearbox as well as well as the effortless performance.

Ride and handling

The ride comfort on the car is very good. The XJ offers a cushioned ride, which also feels nimble while in town. This isn’t a car that likes to be hustled around and won’t reward the sporty driver. It’s a sedan meant for easy, relaxed driving. The steering wheel offers good communication and can beat the class best for sheer accuracy.


In summary if you want something different from the usual, then simply go ahead and buy the XJ. It offers royal looks, a relaxed ride and a very posh badge. Not to mention it’s owned by Tata Motors, which gives it the Indian touch. We recommend a buy.

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