MotoAmerica and Resurgence of American Motorcycle Racing!

MotoAmerica and Resurgence of American Motorcycle Racing!

Snapshot: Wayne Rainey talks about the resurgence of American Road Racing!


We all are aware of the fact the US of A is a big Automobile Industry market, and apparently for Road Racing too. However, US had been falling behind in terms of Winning Racers in motorsports since years. We are taking up this story, because One, we like to keep you updated about the things motorcycle from around the world and two, because we want the Indian Motorcycle and road racing aspect to get a proper boost up to international levels. there is no dearth of talent here in our country, and we might just do good with something in the lines of MotoAmerica's initiatives to develop young Riders.

There has been a resurgence of energy in American road racing, after MotoAmerica replaced AMA Pro Road Racing as the national championship in the USA. At the helm of the resurgence is former World Champion Wayne Rainey, who is part of the KRAVE Group – the media rights holder to MotoAmerica.

Adopting class structures that fit in line with the rules and regulations found in the World Superbike Championship, MotoAmerica’s goal is once again to flood the international road racing scene with talented American riders.

Talking a little about that philosophy, with a healthy Yamaha commercial in the middle of it all, Rainey helps set the table to what American road racing fans have been waiting to hear for a long time. A stronger racing series domestically, and a path to see Americans competing at the highest levels of the sport internationally.

on 2014-11-26 11:12:16

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