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Nissan GTR - The Drag King

Nissan GTR - The Drag King

Snapshot: We got our hands behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R at the Buddh International Circuit, a perfect place to test drive such a car.

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Nissan GT-R has always been a mythical creature among the flock of supercars around the world. Never did anyone thought of a car that could beat some established names in the racing industry, and that too being less expensive than them. With a massive fan following and innumerous movie appearances Nissan GT-R has proved its mettle in the international markets.

And now with such enormous expectations, Nissan has decided to launch the GT-R in India. We got our hands behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R at the Buddh International Circuit, a perfect place to test drive such a car. Here's what we felt!


At the outset, the Nissan GT-R arriving in India is the 2011 facelift model which is currently in sales across the globe. Initially, the GT-R doesn't give an impression of an ultra-modern looking sportscar from Europe or America. Instead, the car looks like a thoroughbred racecar with a lot of sharp lines, a not so common attribute to sportscar.

The big teardrop shaped swept back headlamps, a bit boot and coupe inspired roofline distinguishes the GT-R from other cars. Shiro Nakamura, the chief designer of GTR says this car is not a copy of some European cars, but reflects the Japanese culture and draws inspiration from the giant robots of the Gundam series. Enough said!  


Like the exteriors, the interiors are not too flashy and rich in luxury. What the cabin actually is, an all-black sporty spaceship looking place with tons of of buttons on the centre console. The GT-R is made for performance and so the equipment, the buttons and the data on the screen all work together to make the GT-Rs cabin a tech lab.

Nissan GT-R is sold as a 4-seater sportscar, but in reality, the seating design is best meant for 2 adults in the front. The rear seats serves no purpose as both the sloping roof and the leg room makes it incredibly to fit a full-grown adult at the back. That said, the front seats hug the occupants well and no matter what G-forces you experiencing, which we are sure you will face a lot, the seats will never leave you in dismay.

Engine, Gearbox and Performance

What lies beneath the hood is what makes the Nissan GT-R so special. The 6-cylinder hand crafted 3.8-litre engine is known for aftermarket tuning and hence is a dream engine for many. The engine block can pump out 550 PS and 632 Nm of torque, throwing the GT-R from 0-100 kmph in little over 2.7 seconds, thanks to the R-Mode Start or the Launch Control as it is commonly called with a top speed of 311 kmph.

The power is sent to all the four-wheels via a rear mounted BorgWarner six-speed dual clutch semi automatic gearbox, while the Nissan's Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC-R) adds to the stability. The gearbox is super slick and quick with shifts and brilliantly compliments the equally good engine unit. The steering mounted paddles adds to the feel. A test track gives you ample opportunity to test such a car to its full potential and that's what I did.

Soon as I left the pit lane, I gunned down the accelerator to the floor and in no time, the tachometer crossed the 7000 rpm zone. And this is where the car's engine mostly remained for the rest of the drive, no matter what gear I was driving in. In came the 1.2 km straight section of the BIC and before I could sense it, GT-R breached 250 kmph barrier on the speedometer and I was sitting inside the cabin like nothing happened.

Ride and Handling

To drift a car, you need a lot of stability from the chassis, a good feedback from the steering and grip like the superglue. Just imagine how good will be a car on these fronts if it is fondly called as the Drift King? Yes, the Nissan GT-R is the most drifted car in the world which proves how much efforts has gone to get the best possible combination of suspension, steering and stability. The GT-R drives like water on the track and sticks to the road no matter what speed you hit the straight or the curves for the matter.

The Steering response is pinpoint accurate and the feedback was so good that you will love the oversteer it throws at you when you push it hard around the corners. The 4WD system keeps the car pinned to the ground and the stability is equally surreal. While there are many feelings to express after driving this car, it would be best  if you experience the car yourself because words won't do the justice here.


Nissan GT-R is one of those rare gems that combines technology, performance, and appeal in a perfect ratio. No, this car is not a volume product and no Nissan is not looking to climb the ladder with this product. What GT-R essentially does is tell the world what Nissan is capable of doing. Driving the GTR is like opium - the more you taste it, the more you get addicted to it. Nissan GT-R surpasses our expectations and lives upto its reputation. 

Images by Mohd. Nasir

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