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Nissan Sunny Long Term Review

Nissan Sunny Long Term Review

Snapshot: Practical, fuel-efficient, roomy and very purple. It’s hard to find a fault with our long-term Sunny.

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We’ve has the Nissan Sunny in our fleet around November 2015 and we’ve covered around 4,000kms on it already but it was only recently while shifting houses that I realised its single biggest asset. Space. Few cars are as committed to a cause the way the Nissan Sunny is. Practicality and comfort being its main virtues, this car can shame more expensive rivals for sheer luxury on long journeys.

The 490-litre boot was more than enough to shift some big luggage pieces, while the spacious cabin meant that I could use the rear seats to haul some electric items like a big geyser and AC units as well.     

What made shifting homes and multiple trips between the houses even better in the Sunny was its adroit fuel efficiency. The car would never deliver below 18kpl, the best figures being around 21kpl. All this in bumper-to-bumper city traffic with the AC on full blast mind you. I appreciated this fuel efficient nature even more once my daily commute increased from 52 kilometres to 80-odd after shifting base.  

The Sunny also comes with a roomy rear seat and what adds to the comfort are the AC vents at the back. Unlike rivals, where these are ornamentally placed, the ones on the Sunny actually have a strong throw of air and cool the rear effectively.  

Most team members also look forward to drive this car thanks to the inherently fuel efficient engine. It is also easy to drive simply because it develops power low in the rev band which means you don’t have to wait till 2,000rpm to get going, like in most rivals. This keen nature of the engine makes it a joy around city traffic.    

This car has also done two 500-km journeys to and from the hills around Delhi. The first one was to Dehradun from Delhi, while the second one was to Kasauli, in Himachal Pradesh. Now admittedly the Sunny doesn’t like darting into corners or quick direction changes and its unsporty character will certainly disappoint keen enthusiasts. But there is some fun to be had for the average everyday driver. That’s because the steering is pretty communicative, the brakes are good, the ride is settled and rough patches don’t ruffle this big sedan and if you’re not pushing overtly hard, this is a relatively enjoyable car to drive.

The fuel efficient nature of this car also means that between a tankful it can stretch to over 700kms without any worries. Brilliant.

Imagine if you drove this car with your family of four instead of the Kalka mail to Shimla, how much cash would you end up saving?   

One gripe, which I do have though is that the Sunny has a heavy clutch, something that can tire your left leg on a day of mad traffic. This is a shame because the gearbox is a joy to operate with its precise and short throws. The second minor issue is that the USB port is placed ahead of the front passenger rather than below the stereo unit. The driver has to stretch inconveniently to change the USB.  

Alright, admittedly, I wasn’t very excited with the Sunny at any point of time. But while it may not be sensational, it is a very sensible and wallet friendly buy for anyone wanting a midsize sedan. 

Images by Pawan Sharma

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