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Porsche 911 – expert review

Porsche 911 – expert review

Snapshot: The eight generation of Porsche’s 911 sports coupe is now available in India and we are in love after a drive around the BIC F1 race track.

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The 911 is a car that simply needs no introduction. This is a car that has over generations adorned the walls of teenagers and grown-up men alike. A car that is timeless, iconic and legendary.


Despite being over half a century old, the 911 ‘s silhouette is still unique and can’t be mistaken for anything else on the road. The new-generation 911 is also known as the ‘992’ and is the eight-generation of the car that has been around from the 1960’s originally. The entire car is all new with completely new panels all across, despite retaining that legendary silhouette. Take a close look at that swooping rear end and you will notice an entire LED-light bar that has been added along the tail lamps. The exhausts too have been neatly integrated into the bumper to smoothen out the look. The 911’s head lamps now get a neat and clean design with new LED lights, which are neatly integrated. What also separates it from the older model are the new bonnet creases as well as new door handles which sit flush with the rest of the body line. The 992 is wider than the car it replaces and gets prominent wheel arches, which have been flared out to give it plenty of muscle. Overall, it’s a timeless design and one which will age gracefully.


Just like the exterior, the cabin is also a mix of the old and the new. It mixes old period design with the latest in tech and comfort. The materials are absolutely first rate and the quality of even the smallest switches has a nice Germanic feel about them. Being primarily a sports car, the 992 simply delivers on great seat comfort. These seats won’t tire you on the longest of long journeys.

The main gauge cluster is as always dominated by a rev counter, which sits in the centre, right behind the steering wheel for a clean line of sight for the driver. It is flanked on either side by two 7-inch screens, which house all the vital stats of the car. The main 10.9-inch display is brilliant for sheer quality, ease of usage and crispness.

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There are a couple of small seats in the back too, but the 992 is best as a two-seater with the second row of seats best to throw a golfing bag in it.

Engine, performance and gearbox

You get a 3-litre flat six engine with 450bhp and 530Nm of torque. All this power is transferred via an eight speed dual clutch automatic gearbox, which Porsche calls PDK. In short the gearbox is nothing but brilliant. It is by far the best automatic unit available across any car. The shifts are effortless, crisp and ultra-smooth. In fact, when you are using the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel, there is no lag between when you hit the pedal and when the gears actually shift, it is that brilliant.

Performance is brilliant as well. Porsche claims a 0-100kph time of under 4 seconds, which is easily attainable. In fact, Porsche instructors also gave us the opportunity to have a go at the ‘launch control’ function of the car and it was simply brilliant. The car shifts momentum very briskly and if you’ve just eaten a full plate of lunch, chances are that you could easily be sick. The acceleration is violent to say the least and best reserved for use on the track. The engine also has a unique quality of showcasing a lovely sound track when pushed hard. At lower revs, it simply burbles but as the revs mount, it bellows out a meaty note at the exhaust – it’s simply awesome.

Ride and handling

This is the kind of car that will make even an average everyday driver feel like a skilled track expert. The handling is sublime to say the least. The new 911, has a wider track, which enables it to offer a ‘leech-like’ grip. Push it hard into corners, or brake as late as possible, the 911 is never found wanting for grip. The braking is so good that it will give you super confidence when attacking the corners on any race track. But that’s not to say that the 911 is a track only machine. The car offers a pliant ride and even though we couldn’t find any bad roads on a race track, the odd corner rumble strip we went over didn’t manage to flutter the car in the least.

Porsche cars have always been known for fabled handling and the new 911 is no different. The car feels reassuring to say the least and the steering is simply unparalleled in its crispness and communication. Porsche engineers have done a superb job with the overall chassis balance and the car feels so neutral and has a very forgiving nature.


If you are the CEO of a big conglomerate and want a practical, everyday useable, fun-to-drive sports car that will simply blow away your mind then this is a good option. The Porsche 911 is what dreams are made up of. 

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