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Renault Kwid AMT Test Drive Review - Good gets better!

Renault Kwid AMT Test Drive Review - Good gets better!

Snapshot: The Renault Kwid now comes with an AMT gearbox. But should you go for it or rather stick to manual? We answer it in our test drive review below.

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Kwid is a well-admired car in the Indian auto market. It’s because of its fantastic design and a long feature list it comes along with that has made this car one of the bestselling entry-level hatchbacks sold in the country today. Renault updated the car recently with a more refined and powerful engine, the Kwid 1.0, offered a more responsive and quite drive compare to its smaller sibling. This time the company decided to give the Kwid another upgrade in form of an AMT gearbox. The car Kwid AMT or as Renault likes to call it, Kwid Easy-R, comes only in the highest of all RXT variant of this car. On the outside, the car looks just like any other Kwid present on the roads today. It’s just the ‘Easy-R’ badging that separates it from other cars.

How is the new AMT gearbox?

The 5-speed automated gearbox has been developed in-house by Renault by taking assistance from Bosch. It is operated by using a rotary knob which is located at the front left of the dashboard. The knob lets the driver engage the Drive, Neutral or Reverse mode and there is no parking mode available, the car has to be parked on the neutral mode with handbrake engaged. Also, the brake pedal has to be pushed every time a mode is needed to be selected. The clutch engagement is super smooth which makes it most of the best AMT gearboxes we have experienced on a car of this size. Though there is a slight pause when it going up the gears but it’s natural to AMT gearboxes and hence doesn’t make much of a difference. The 1.0-litre engine remains the same as seen on the Kwid 1.0 and delivers 67bhp and 91Nm of output.

The new AMT gearbox has improved the fuel efficiency further as the company claims an overall 25.1 km/ltr of mileage which is ever higher than its manual version. The gearbox feels smooth and is perfect for hassle-free daily city commute. This new AMT gearbox has made the Kwid an even more convenient car than it already was. Since the engine doesn’t have a torque converter, there is no creep function in the Kwid AMT.

Are there any changes on the interior or exterior?

The car remains the same in terms of exterior design, it’s just the ‘Easy-R’ badging at the back that makes it different from other Kwids on the roads today. Also, it being based on the 1.0 litre engine, it gets the checked stripes on its doors. The SUV-inspired design remains the same and there is not even an inch of a difference in terms of design or dimensions of the new Kwid Easy-R. While on the inside, it gets a big cubby hole at the place of the gear lever that sits in the manual version of Kwid. This cubby hole is great to fit in everything like a water bottle, wallet or anything else. On the other hand, rest of the interior remains exactly as seen on the manual Kwid.

Should you buy the Renault Kwid Easy-R AMT?

The new Kiwd with AMT gearbox is simply one of the best small segment automatic cars you can buy today. With best in class features, looks, practicality the Kwid now also has the best AMT gearbox in its class. The car provides an effortless driving experience and still doesn't compromise on the fun factor, and so Renault Kwid AMT will prove to be the best option where ever you look in its segment. 

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