Repsol launches its Indian Venture with GP Petroleums!

Repsol  launches its Indian Venture with GP Petroleums!

Snapshot: The Giant Cometh!

Finally!! Repsol has decided to venture onto the Indian shores to market and sell its range of premium automobile lubricants in India. Our avid readers and followers of motorsports would be aware of the enormous amount of resources Repsol puts into racing, especially with its sponsorship of Honda Racing Challenge (HRC) throughout MotoGP, WSBK and all other motorcycle sports. With almost all of the biggest brands like ExxonMobile, Royal Dutch Shell, Petronas and Motul already well established in India, we had been waiting for Repsol to open shop in India since long, and like they say, "better late than never'.

The Spanish Giant has collaborated with GP Petroleums Ltd, which is a subsidiary of UAE-based Gulf Petrochem Group, in a strategic partnership to exclusively manufacture and market Repsol’s premium quality lubricants across India. GP Petroleum’s flagship brand, IPOL, has been present in India for over four decades and is claimed to be one of the well accepted industrial lubricant brands. GP Petroleums has well equipped manufacturing facilities with hi-tech blending facility, quality-control test labs and automated filling and packaging stations.

GP Petroleums is considered to own India's largest Base Oil Storage Facility of 17,000 KL (Kilo Litres, 1 KL =1000 Litres)  which uses remote sensing technology to accurately measure and control the storage volumes. It has an annual production capacity of 80,000 KL.

Repsol can be considered to be a fairly late entrant to the highly contested lubricant market of India and will have to put in a lot of efforts to make inroads into the market, however, with the sheer legacy Repsol has we reckon that in this revitalised economy Repsol will find good traction among Indian consumers.

Repsol Lubricants has a focus on innovation to the answer today’s consumer needs and new age engine/machine designs. Repsol officials added that the Indian market has great potential and will be a very important market for the company. The tie-up will help both the companies expand their footprints in this ever growing economy.

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