Road Test Review - Hyosung GT250R

Road Test Review - Hyosung GT250R

Snapshot: It is big, it is gorgeous and is meant for those who like to roll with a strong presence. Read On..

Indian premium motorcycle market is steadily picking up pace as manufacturers from around the world are turning eyes towards the country. As a result the competition on Indian soil keeps on getting tougher for manufacturers which is a good thing for buyers as they get a lot to choose from. Hyosung entered our market way before many other big bike manufacturers.

Back in 2003, Hyosung in cooperation with Kinetic Motors rang Indian doors to sell bikes such as the Comet 250, Aquila and GF 125. The partnership didn’t last long and in 2008 Kinetic exit the two-wheeler business selling off its assets to Mahindra. After which Hyosung made a comeback with Garware Motors which was then taken over by DSK.

We got a chance to ride the good looking and smaller GTR, the GT250R. The bike shares the same visuals as the bigger GT650R but with a smaller engine.

Design -

The bike as you can see looks good and is certainly bigger than most of its competition. And not just big, the GT250R is one of the nicest looking quarter-litre motorcycles. Back in 2013, the bike received its refreshed update and Hyosung made sure that the new GT250R turns heads everywhere it goes. It got a reshaped nose and old bulbous air-scoops were made sleeker and more aerodynamic.

And now the only thing that made the old GTR looked matured was turned into something much more symmetric and pleasing. The new GTR also gets a new V-shaped headlight and the windscreen has been rounded for better wind protection at higher speeds. The rest of the fairing has been carried over the same as before. It is offered in three colours including black, red and white and for us the white colour takes away the winning spot.

Engine and Performance –

The GT250R is propelled by a 75 degree V-Twin 249cc oil-cooled engine that delivers 28bhp of maximum power at 10,000rpm and 22.07Nm of peak torque at 8,000rpm. The engine delivers the power linearly to throughout the rev range and the bike feels happy when revving between 6000rpm to 8000rpm.

Since GT250R is a heavy machine, the 28bhp sounds less when power to weight ratio is in consideration. It might not be as quick as its rivals but it sure matches their top speed numbers. The engine sounds a bit mute through the stock exhaust. You could certainly change it to an aftermarket exhaust to bring out the roar of the engine louder, like our test bike here.

Ride and Handling -

If there is one bit where the GT250R scores the most points is its handling. It is not a light weight machine, which actually adds to GTR’s stability through corners. It feels planted even on the sharpest turns, though its weight makes it not a very agile machine flicking it from left to right.

It does take time to settle your hands on it, but once you learn how to control it, the GT250R will reward you with the confidence to scrape your knee pads every next corner you come across. The bike feels planted at high speeds, especially when your throttle is fully pinned down and the bike is doing in excess of 160kmph. It won’t wobble or try to scare you and feels really stable.

Verdict –

GT250R is a huge package and dimensionally it rubs shoulders with much higher capacity motorcycles. It is one of the best looking motorcycle in its segment and might also shame some of the bigger bikes if we are debating about looks. It might not be a frantic sprinter but it rolls with dignity. Retailing at INR 2.95 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) GT250R makes an interesting over-all package. It is big, it is gorgeous and is meant for those who like to roll with a strong presence.

Photography - Mohd. Nasir

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