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Tesla Model X - The Fastest Crossover

Tesla Model X - The Fastest Crossover

Snapshot: WBO champion belt and avid motorist Alexander Cirrus helped our Ukrainian Editorial team decode the Tesla Model X Crossover.

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With the support of Alexander, who has kindly agreed to test the "miracle of the cross" in spite of his busy training schedule, we boldly went to test drive the seemingly "quiet" family car, without any aggression in its appearance. But as soon as the Tesla Model X opened the "winged" doors before us, or the Falcon Wings as they are fondly called, it became clear that this is not "normal" crossover. 

By the way, the original mechanism of opening the doors was a major reason for the several delays for the start of the production model, as the developers were trying to maximize the efficiency and reliability of the design. So if there's a car standing 31 cm away from the Model X, it won't get damaged while opening the door. Also, the new special sensors in the doors won't let it accidentally scratch a low garage ceiling.


The spacious interior easily accommodates Alexander Cirrus (height 190 cm) and four passengers. Interestingly, the rear seats can be adjusted individually. The seven-seat layout has two additional seats which are located in the trunk, but are comfortable enough for children only. With the third row folded, the boot of the Model X becomes even more spacious.

The first thing that attracts attention in the interior is the huge windshield (length - 1.68 m), which boasts of being the largest size among all the passenger cars. If this glass area seems excessive, you can use a special curtain to significantly reduce the size.  

The 17-inch touch screen is no less impressive in terms of the size, and is stretched to the entire central panel. On the screen, in addition to the basic functions and navigation, you can display virtually any information about the model.

Tesla Autopilot System

The Tesla Model X test vehicle came equipped with a sensational autopilot system, so Alexander decided to try it immediately. As we left the starting point, we followed the Pilot car to check the Autopilot capabilities of the Model X. And for the good part of it, Model X maintained its autonomy, checking the passing pedestrians, and closely monitoring the speed limit signs.

Meanwhile, we begin to conduct a quiet, laid-back conversation with our famous athlete - the acting "test driver". Alexander safely removes feet from the pedals and hands off the steering wheel, and shares the first emotions of the "Tesla", also checking the mail on his phone, with the electric vehicle moving at a speed of about 50 km / h.

But jokes aside, domestic roads will still require the driver to personally monitor the situation, since, in addition to the numerous pits, there can be a surprise "speed bumps" that our "smart" crossover is not able to track through the Google Maps.

Driving Dynamics

Having emerged from the traffic jams into the open, we decide to check the dynamics of Tesla Model X, and understand that no number can convey the feeling of acceleration of the all-wheel drive electric vehicle. The acceleration is fantastic, and it's hard to believe that a two-ton car will have enough force to press you back to the seat. The first hundred kilometers per hour come in just 3.2 seconds. 

Ride Quality, Suspension and Braking

Recovering from mild shock, we decided to turn to more practical matters. The suspension of the Model X is more rigid than that of the hatchback Model S air suspension. The Chassis is slightly squeezed to minimize the body roll in the higher "X's". The ground clearance can be adjusted from 175 to 223 mm.

We also asked vitality suspension on our roads. According to the car dealership manager, the first call to the service in one of the clients was at 72000 Km. The brakes may not require replacement pads up to 300,000 Km! This is explained by the fact that Tesla actively slows the motor, using a minimum brake disc. But in the case of warranty repair, the owner will have to send the car for service in Europe, as in Ukraine there are no official Showroom of Tesla Motors.

Mileage and Charging

Adding some  technical information, the test version of the Tesla Model X gave us a cruising range of 416 km. According to the customer feedback, this figure is real, unless, of course, you decide to drive the car in its full throttle. But even in this case, "X" will travel at least 300 km.

The time to full battery charge is 5 hours, and the battery itself is given an 8-year warranty with unlimited mileage. In turn, the chassis gets a guarantee of 4 years or 80,000 km run, whichever is early.


The cost of the most powerful (772 hp) version of the Model X P90D Ludicrous is 189,400 euros, while the quieter 90D version will cost 159,000 euro.


At the end of the test drive our guest shared his impressions of the electric Tesla Model X. Alexander was surprised with the hurricane dynamics model, its "intelligent" power and autonomous capabilities. Among the negatives, Alexandra  was not happy with interior quality and the inability to of Tesla to travel through Ukraine, provided the limited number of charging stations (only 300 active). But if you carefully plan the trip, travelling is still possible.

We extend our sincere regards to Alexander Cirrus for the test drive and "AUTO REC" show for providing the car.

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